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Opposites Attract (by Angela Britnell)

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Opposites Attract Rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Release Date:  January 13, 2012 

How are the sex scenes?
Romantic, sweet and swoon worthy

How are the story lines?
Interesting and intriguing with lots of angst

Would you read it again?
I might


Why can no one believe Holly and Brett are content with their single lives? Certainly not their interfering parents who decide to take action. The 'Opposites Attract' dating agency has the theory if normal matchmaking hasn't worked they'll turn it upside down. The uptight British policewoman and the laid-back Southern writer are complete opposites and so make the perfect mismatch. A weekend in Paris turns magical but secrets, lies and sheer stubbornness threaten this romance before it hardly gets off the ground. This pair will fight love all the way and it's a question of who'll give in first.


Refreshing.  Opposites Attract by Angela Britnell is an enjoyable Contemporary Romance.  Plenty of angst and damaged characters were a big part of this book.  It also contains lots of lovely bantering back and forth between hero and heroine.     

Holly Brightstone is a strongly independent woman from outside of London.  She is a police investigator who gets put into a dating site’s pool of singles unknowingly and unwillingly by her mother, Elaine.  Holly is all career, all the time.  She rarely makes time to date or meet prospective suitors.  

Brett Adair is a laid back and casual southern writer who is content with his career being first, or so he thinks.  He’s also set up to be part of Opposites Attract dating agencie’s next single male candidate by his own father Dean.  Dean has recently lost his wife, Brett’s mother to illness and is also alone.  Dean wants to see his son happy and in love.  

Both hero and heroine are equally but differently damaged, stubborn, and as a result extremely isolated from deep relationships other than with their parents. 
The weekend trip to Paris courtesy of the dating agency lands Holly and Brett along with each parent Elaine and Dean, in some precarious situations.  Eventually, Elaine and Dean find a slow burning attraction amidst all the hot and cold angst of Holly and Dean.  The storyline ebbs and flows with plenty of romance and intrigue.  The suspense that was included in the romance was a nice addition to keep me interested.   

I loved the banter between the hero and heroine and feel that the character development was very thorough.  Elaine and Dean’s additional love affair was adorable and added so much to the story.  I enjoyed this book tremendously. 

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  1. Hi Ella! Another great review, and so...another book I want to read! I really have to hit the lottery!

    I don't really like a lot of angst, but sounds like their is humor too! Will add this to my stack....thanks.

    1. Anytime Pat! I really did enjoy the banter between these two. I hope you get to enjoy it too. My TBR list is way too long now for me to catch up and that makes me happy! I will read forever now ;)

  2. Thanks so much for the kind review, Ella. It was a nice surprise this morning! My next book, Hidden Truths, will be released on 11 January so I hope you might enjoy it too.


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