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All In, Book #2 of The Blackstone Affair (by Raine Miller)

All In rating:  4 out of 5 stars
The Blackstone Affair series rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Release Date:  November 9, 2012

"All In" is book two of The Blackstone Affair Trilogy

How are the sex scenes?
Oh so hot! 
Right now I had a feast before me. It was time to partake. 
I needed that flesh against my tongue and lips”
How are the story lines?
Compelling and multiple, with a few twists.

Would you read it again?

Back of the Book

Ethan Blackstone has problems. He's broken the trust of the woman he loves and she's left him because of it. Ethan isn't giving up though--he's determined to get his girl back. Their passion together was explosive, but their secrets are even darker and more frightening. With political threats directed at Brynne, Ethan has no choice but to fight for her, to win her love, and to protect her from the very dangers that could take her away from him forever. He’s willing to risk everything to have Brynne and to keep her safe. He’ll go all in…


All In by Raine Miller is the second book in the Trilogy, The Blackstone Affair. Once again, it is a short book with colourful characters, highly amusing dialogue, and fast paced action.  It provides a very revealing insight into our Hero, Ethan's, mind. Writing a Romance Suspense novel from a male's POV must be such a challenge, and I feel that the author does a brilliant job!

Ethan is an intelligent, domineering and passionate man, but also quite surprisingly, discerning. As you are introduced to his astute, wonderful father his insight becomes believable. He does acknowledge that there is no man that can completely understand the female mind in saying "I never know what she is thinking. She is a woman after all."

The novel picks up from where Brynne left Ethan, after feeling the betrayal of two men she loved, with Ethan's emotional agony laid bare. She had trusted him implicitly and his lie of omission caused a major rift. We learn of the devastating circumstances that left Brynne in her scared, insecure position, and gain a better understanding of why she is in danger. Also of her bravery, her accomplishments.

Ethan's (almost overbearing) protective instincts are on full alert, as well as his ever eager libido!! That certainly provided some scintillating scenes to enjoy!! Often! In detail!

“Making you come under my tongue is the sexiest thing in the world”…”I held her open and devoured the quivering softness…I buried my cock on a hard slick thrust, unable to deny myself for another second…..she felt good-tight and hot and swallowing me in, her inner muscles clenching around me through the force of her ongoing climax.” Wow~

As with the first book, it is his humour that was such a wonderful compliment to the feisty, brilliant and beautiful Brynne. Comments like these were so Ethan:  
All the time I struggled with my desires when she was near. This was a new problem I’d never faced in a relationship before. I loved the shagging part – I’m a guy and I have a cock.” 
And another in response to a co-worker of Brynne’s, who he instantly loathed:   
“I truly hoped he could read minds because I had so much worth saying that he really needed to hear. You cock-swinging, worthless shit-bag! You will absolutely NOT call her to talk to her…You won’t look at her and you won’t think about her either.” 
Protective and cocky much?? Loved it.

All In moves the story of the entangled situation Brynne is in due to the American Senator’s son, along swiftly, however, it’s also a book examining trust in a relationship. Can he gain her trust? Can he alleviate her self-enforced loneliness? Will he be able to open up his own horrific wounds deeply hidden?

Falling in love with Brynne made Ethan vulnerable. It was actually quite wonderful to see into Ethan’s mind and glimpse his very consuming love for Brynne. “Everyone needs the basics, Brynne. Food, water…a bed.”  He also had some very dark places that caused terrifying nightmares. Their growing relationship and the depth of their honesty was very compelling and beautifully written.

So, despite the book being brief, it kept me riveted and completely absorbed. I am dying for more! Well done Raine Miller for a wonderful book, filled with scorching love scenes, witty repartee and enough intrigue to keep us guessing and eagerly awaiting the conclusion, Eyes Wide Open due out December 2012.

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  1. I loved this book! Can't wait for the 3rd book now. Ethan is a great character. I thought the first one was slow but like how it picked up and then loved this one much more! Good choice Musing Maddie ;)

    1. Me too oh Enchanting one! I am really looking forward to where she will go next with the third book! I must follow up on when the next will be released..... MM xx


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