Friday, July 6, 2012

Book Update: "Longing for Love" of McCarthy's Gansett Island Series (by Marie Force)

Marie Force 
August 1
She's answering your questions; giving away her books!

Longing for Love

"Longing for Love" is book 7 of

Ask and you shall receive, internet searchers. Apparently everyone wants to know when Marie's Longing for Love will be released.

Unfortunately no one knows yet - not even Marie, but I can tell you what we do know:
  • Marie hopes to have Longing released by late Summer/early Fall of 2012, as she wrote on her website;
  • Upcoming Release: Longing for Love
    McCarthys of Gansett Island, Book 7  
    For those of you excited for the next installment of the McCarthys of Gansett Island Series, I'm aiming for a late summer/early fall release of Longing for Love, featuring Tiffany and Blaine. I'm working on it now, so check back for updates or join my mailing list for launch day notices with an email to

  • On June 12 Marie posted the following Evan McCarthy and Grace Ryan update for Longing on her blog;
In Longing for Love, book 7, Evan and Grace from Hoping for Love will hit a bump when her parents come to the island for a surprise visit and discover that not only does their daughter have a boyfriend she never told them about, but he's living with her, too. Something tells me Evan is going to be rather hurt by the fact that she never bothered to tell her folks about him.
Since you all have been on best behavior this week (snort), I thought you deserved a tiny tidbit from LONGING FOR LOVE. This just made me giggle while doing a re-read, so I hope it amuses you, too. From Tiffany, after the first night she spends with Blaine, and she is convinced theirs is a summer fling that will burn itself out by Labor Day. She is thinking about how he's a man of few words...
Tiffany didn’t care if he ever said more than “spread your legs” to her.
Happy Tuesday!
  • You can read the (hilarious) beginning of Longing if you purchase Season for Love (Longing's preview is in the back);
  • When there is a cover, it will appear in the Gansett Island section of Marie's website and on Ravishing Romances; and
  • When there is an excerpt, it will also appear in the Gansett Island section of Marie's website and an update/link will be provided on Ravishing Romances.
I'll also continue to offer updates on this blog as I receive them from Marie's Facebook, blog, email and other sources.  So check back for details!

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