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Naked, #1 of The Blackstone Affair Trilogy (by Raine Miller)

Book release date: 16 September 2012
Naked rating:  4 out of 5 stars
The Blackstone Affair Trilogy rating:  4 out of 5 stars

"Naked" is book one of The Blackstone Affair Trilogy
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How are the sex scenes?
Hot  - thank you very much!

How are the story lines?
The storylines are well thought out, and compelling. 
There is definitely more to be told as the second and I suspect, third books come out.

Would you read it again?

Back of the Book

Brynne Bennett is living the good life. An American art student at the University of London and part-time photographic model, she’s putting her life back on track with school and lots of hard work. When ultra successful London businessman Ethan Blackstone buys her nude portrait, he isn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. He wants Brynne in his bed and has no trouble voicing his desires either. His dominant nature captivates and ensnares despite the demons she carries inside her. But there are secrets in this relationship. Huge ones. Can Ethan free Brynne from the past that has marked her? Will Brynne let him or will the specters tormenting her resurface to destroy their chance at a future…

"That picture changed everything. I was not the same after I saw it and I couldn't go back to the man I'd been before seeing it either. Not after we met that night on the street. My whole world altered because of a photograph. A photograph of my beautiful American girl." -Ethan Blackstone


Naked is the first in the trilogy The Blackstone Affair by Author Raine Miller. It is set in London 2012, in the lead up to the Olympic Games. It's primarily a fiery and sexy romance between the beautiful American Art Conservancy student Brynne Bennett and the gorgeous Ex Special Forces hottie, Ethan Blackstone.

From the outset, the reader is aware that Ethan knows secrets about Brynne and sought her out as opposed to 'accidentally' meeting her at her friend's Photography Exhibition. So, naturally, you are anticipating some form of predictable confrontation. This is handled beautifully keeping the tension tight until a wicked, somewhat expected cliff-hanger at the book’s conclusion.

Ethan Blackstone, 'the guy who oozed hotness', is the edgy, commanding and sexy Hero who makes a fast track to seduce and dominate the intelligent, sweet yet emotionally scarred Brynne Bennett. Despite her initial reticence, and her desire to flee Ethan, she is drawn to his intensity, his intoxicating scent and his kindness. Their instant rapport and sexual dance is believable, their witty repartee, brilliant, and their intensely physical relationship, passionate and hot. They are both enamored with each other almost instantly.

As is common in Romance novels, Ethan is the kind of man who takes care of his woman. Her first. Every time.  Sigh.
“Totally spread before him, he stared down at my sex for the second time tonight…And then he put his mouth on me. That soft tongue rolled over my clit and my folds and caressed. I could feel his goatee prickling the sensitive flesh as I writhed against his lips and tongue.”
“Ethan loomed over me, the head of his penis tipped inside me already, burning hot and hard as bone. His hips forced me wider as he sank his cock down deep and true. He took my mouth, thrusting his tongue simultaneous in movement with his intrusion below.”
“I squeezed my pussy around his pummeling cock while he worked me hard. He made all kinds of sounds and whispered dirty talk about how good it felt to fuck me. It just made me wilder.”
There are some very funny interchanges between the characters, which keep you giggling. Benny, Brynne's eccentric, talented British photographer and good friend, provided the initial snort with this comment, "How's that make you feel, Brynne luv? Some rich toff pulling his pud to the sight of your unearthly beauty." I loved it. Very dry British humor to a T!! The humor is well placed, keeping what could be an intense book, light.

There are many unresolved issues in the book, cleverly unattended so you eagerly await the sequel. Well done, Raine Miller, on an entertaining, emotionally charged and highly sensual book. I loved Ethan and Brynne, flaws and all and look forward to reading (and reviewing) the next book All In.

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