Friday, December 14, 2012

Enchanting Ella: Should Men read Romance?

Had a question posed to me the other day by a friend of mine.  

"Should I let my husband in on what type of books I read?  Do you think it might help in our love life?" 

I honestly didn't know what to tell her being single myself.  However, I did give her my humble opinion that since she lives in her marriage with all openess and honesty that yes, in fact - she SHOULD share the books that she reads with him.  Maybe even read a few snippits for some fun. 

With the new bravery (for lack of a better term) in women exploring their naughty side and reading all of this Mommy Porn that is up and coming I believe it can only help and not hinder anyone's love life.  Well unless you're single and fear the one night stand.  Then you are left with your own frustrations and how you choose to release them. 

Ahem, but I digress.  Behind all of the hype over Mommy Porn are some great love stories with the typical Hero and Heroine struggling with everyday trials and tribulations.  I think the kink just took it up a notch.  We as humans are becoming less inclined to hide behind a fascade and choose to live life with no regrets.  Inhibitions are not so inhibited anymore. 

I for one am a fan of the erotic and contemporary kink taking hold of the Romance Industry.  I now have a pile of books just waiting for me to dive in and escape.  So with all the hype and new indie authors out there, we all have great choices.  And life is all about choices.  Choose wisely. 

Do you choose to share your reading choices with your significant other and if so, what do they say?  

If not, my curiosity wonders - why not? 

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