Friday, December 7, 2012

Enchanting Ella: Hero Types

With so many genres in Romance, we have many many choices in hero types.  I find myself enjoying books with a hero who is strong, determined and successful.  However, lately - the damaged ones have been catching my eye.  

Tough and rugged.  That's another type out there that can be enjoyable to read about.  Even if it all comes back to storyline, the character has to be a big part of the success of the book.  We as readers require a hero with heart.  He should also have a protective side, always willing to save his heroine from danger.  

Of course it doesn't hurt if he has lots of muscles and even some nice tattoos if you so desire.  I so desire.  I myself fall for the Alpha.  Although I've been known to also swoon over the Beta hero a time or two also.  There are so many ways that a hero can be written.  The especially damaged hero is hard to read about at first but when you see the change take place and see the growth that the hero goes through in order to be "worthy" of his heroine, that right there is magic.  

A great writer can bring the hero to life right from the pages of the book.  I've found quite a few of these heroes recently and fell in love with the them based on the writer's interpretation of their character.  

What is your favorite hero type?  

Are you an Alpha or a Beta lover?  

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  1. Hello Ella, very interesting question. I think I definitely go for the Alpha, but especially the damaged ones. in Because of You, both Shane ( the Alpha guy) and Jen, his nurse are damaged in their own way, and learn to rise above it!
    A tattoo here and there is good!


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