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Logan's Redemption (by Cara Marsi)

Logan's Redemption rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Release date: August 24, 2010

How are the sex scenes?
The sex scenes are electric. The sexual tension is so well prepared, that the reader is well and truly primed for the sizzling, sexual ride once it occurs.
How are the story lines?
The storylines are believable, not terribly intense, but with enough suspense and heat to keep your attention.

Would you read it again?
Yes, Logan is hot and there will be a sequel!


In this book, the hero and heroine have guarded secrets and both have damaged, untrusting hearts.  

'The Callahan Princess', 32 year old, Doriana Callahan is a strong, intelligent and confident woman, who was forced to forgo her dreams of becoming an architect.  

The Hero, Logan Tanner, is a self-employed security firm manager, powerful, sensual, secretive and sexy! (Have you seen the cover?! One hot combination.) Logan oozes strength, virility and mystery.  

For Logan, years of rejection and brutality from his father and guilt from perceived past betrayal has hardened him.  Despite recognizing his yearning for love, family and fulfillment to replace his isolated existence, he keeps himself aloof, distant and controlled.  

Both Doriana and Logan believe confidently that their history as teenage lovers should remain just that: history. However, being suddenly thrown together by her father's business troubles, that theory is about to be tested.


In many ways, Logan’s Redemption is a predictable story.  Yet author Cara Marsi manages to maintain tension; both storyline and sexual. Her characters are believable and love scenes delicious. The length is perfect for the story it tells.

 Logan became Dan Callahan's hired investigator attempting to identify a saboteur to Callahan Construction. Hired by her father, Doriana is not aware of his true vocation, a secret Logan is forced to maintain. As Logan crashes into Doriana's world, her carefully maintained cool facade begins to crumble. Logan is very aware of her attraction to him and feels the same intense desire. Eventually, neither can resist the pull. 

"His body and soul burned for her."

For sixteen years Doriana has kept her teenage love for Logan resulting in her pregnancy with Josh a secret. She had also created an impenetrable wall to hide behind, shielding her from emotional intimacy with any other man. She knows the heights of pleasure Logan can take her to and that the intensity of his kisses can set her on fire.

 As the story progresses and suspense mounts, with danger lurking closely, the emotional and physical barriers between Doriana and Logan slowly collapse. Despite guarding their hearts, they both privately acknowledge that they had found the one who could alleviate the aching loneliness of their souls. 

Aptly written however, “…..their unresolved issues hung over them like a vengeful enemy ready to snatch their happiness”.

 Logan, a wonderfully sensuous, thoughtful, downright sexy man and Doriana, with her tempting beauty, intelligence and loyalty, make a believable and striking pair. Their ravenous passion, once we get there, is incredible and sizzling.

"He plundered her mouth with his tongue. She scraped her nails across his back and met every thrust of his tongue and hard penis. Her female heat, moist and slick, wrapped around him, claiming him.....The fire and fury of their passion spiraled them into a private paradise that she never wanted to end."  


Logan's Redemption is so nicely written that the reader will be interested and invested the whole way through. Interaction between characters is at times a little unbelievable and simplistic, but with the mystery, suspense, and some steamy sexual scenes, the book is successful in its provision of a quick, enjoyable read. 

There is no great surprise to the ending, but that is okay. I'd recommend this book to anyone, especially those who crave a bit of saucy, a light suspense and their beloved Happily Ever After! Looking forward to the sequel.

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  1. Good reads has been suggesting this book to me - I guess for good reason...good review! Love the quotes

    1. I strongly suggest you give it a go Kame!

  2. Thank you for the review. This book is dear to my heart. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Thank you Cara! I so appreciate that you wrote it!!


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