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Lord Gray's List (by Maggie Robinson)

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Lord Gray's List rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Release date October 30, 2012

“Lord Gray’s List" is the first in Robinson’s new series The London List 
but can be read as a stand-alone novel. 

How are the sex scenes?
Very, very good.  Descriptive and imaginative but not over the top. 

How are the story lines?
Enjoyable.  They read very detailed and historical but keep you 
interested despite the big words (this was my first historical).

Would you read it again?
Yes.  I liked the hero and want to revisit him.

Back of the book

From duchesses to chamber maids, everybody's reading it.  Each Tuesday, The London List appears, filled with gossip and scandal, offering job postings and matches for the lovelorn - and most enticing of all, telling the tales and selling the wares a more modest publication wouldn't touch....
The creation of Evangeline Ramsey, The London List saved her and her ailing father from destitution.  But the paper has given Evie more than financial relief.  As its publisher, she lives as a man, dressed in masculine garb, free to pursue and report whatever she likes - especially the latest disgraces besmirching Lord Benton Gray.  It's only fair that she hang his dirty laundry, given that it was his youthful ardor that put her off marriage for good...
Lord Gray - Ben - isn't about to stand by while all of London laughs at his peccadilloes week after week.  But once he discovers that the publisher is none other than pretty Evie Ramsey with her curls lopped short, his worries turn to desires - and not a one of them fit to print... 


It's 1820 in London, England.  Hero Ben (Baron Benton Gray) and heroine Evie (Evangeline Ramsey) have chemistry and history.  Yet it never gets too far, because their relationship is...complicated.  Complicated more by Evie than by Ben.    

Evie feels like Ben has changed too much over the years into a person she no longer knows or understands.  His escapades and behavior become her main page stories of The London List which ups her subscriptions and saves her and her father.  

Not knowing who it is that runs The London List but determined to stop the paper, Ben heads to the printing office to confront the publisher.  When he discovers that it's his first love Evangeline "Evie" Ramsey under the guise of a man, his old feelings for her emerge and make things more complicated.  Ben eventually tries to sway Evie to stop her from spreading the gossip and tarnishing his reputation.  This is the main angst between the characters.  It also stems from their past history of being each other's first loves.  Ben had asked Evie at one time to take his hand in marriage but she turns him down which is part of the discontent between the two.  

All other character cameos are a wonderful addition to the story between the hero and heroine.  To tell you who pops in would be a spoiler, just know that there is plenty of intrigue and mystery to keep you interested in the storyline as you venture through the reacquaintance of Ben and Evie.  

The love scenes are hot and steamy without being over done.  Although each character claims to not have any feelings for the other, you can still feel and understand the connection they still have with each other.   For my experience, I felt more for the hero in this story.  He seemingly let Evie walk away long ago but never stopped carrying the "torch" for her and loves her still when he finally finds her again.  
"He felt something for her still, and had sought escape from that inconvenient emotion for a third of his life.  Calf-love, never grown, a great moo-y mess of need and want.  Impossible.  Insupportable." 
Lord Gray's List was an enjoyable read for this reviewer's first historical novel.  I recommend you read it too!  

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  1. Thanks Ella! I have just started to read historicals again, and you make this one sound so interesting!! LOVE the cover. :)

    1. I thought it was a good read for my first historical Pat. I loved the hero and really "felt" for him when he was trying to win his heroine over. Let me know if you read it and what your thoughts were! :)


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