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The Bull Rider's Brother (by Lynn Cahoon)

The Bull Rider's Brother rating:  3 out of 5 stars
Release Date:  June 28, 2012

How are the sex scenes? 
Romantic. There wasn’t an abundance of sex scenes - just one night where they got together. 
Nothing that would embarrass you when discussing the book. 

How are the story lines? 
Romantic with some angst mixed in. I thought the back story could have been discussed in more detail to help with the character development. Maybe have more detailed flash back scenes? 

Would you read it again? 
Probably not. 


The Bull Rider’s Brother tells the story of Lizzie Hudson, a single mother living in a rodeo town. Her first love, James Sullivan comes back into town with his bull riding brother Jesse. Lizzie and James broke up right after high school because James chose to follow Jesse in the rodeo circuit, an act meant to protect his brother from making mistakes in life. James returns to town hoping to make things right with Lizzie after six years of being gone without communication.


The Bull Rider’s Brother by Lynn Cahoon is a contemporary western romance set in modern day Shawnee, Texas. (Though the author never mentioned it was Texas.)

This story is a decent read. There is just enough angst to keep you interested and enough mystery in how the characters hide a secret that everyone seems to know except James. The character development could use more details. I wasn't hooked immediately until 1/4 of the story was over. I found myself being angry with Lizzie for holding her secret from James. The diner scene where he poured out his heart without any response from her was a little frustrating. However after she finally admits her reason for holding back her feelings (and why she’s keeping a secret) it’s easier to understand.

The details regarding the previous time they spent away from each other wasn’t enough. More flashback memories in the beginning (when she first sees James again) might have added to the character development. Adding more memories might have made the reader feel more of the emotion behind their relationship. It was difficult believing Lizzie wanted James to be part of her life but didn’t know how to do it after so long. After the third chapter, I started to see more within her emotions and began liking her character.

The story picks up and becomes more interesting once you understand the reason behind why Lizzie and James separated. I did enjoy the book once the characters explained their past actions and a secret was revealed. I think at least one more love scene might have added to the believability of the love connection between the characters. For me, there’s not enough potential romantic moments or love scenes.

I would have like to have seen more “almost” moments with touching or even kissing before it goes too far.

Overall the book has a decent story and gave me my happily ever after.

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