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Storm of Desire by Cara Marsi

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Storm of Desire  rating:  4 out of 5 stars

Release date April 12, 2012

How are the sex scenes?
The sex scenes were plentiful, delicious and passionate.

How are the story lines?
The story lines are predictable with a few twists and turns plus a 
touch of mystery to unravel about Sam’s lamentable past.

Would you read it again?
Probably not, although it was short, sweet and sexy.


Independent and serious corporate attorney Samantha Greco has fled to her hometown of Richmond, to find some space, peace and solitude. The house of her childhood did not hold memories of comfort and warmth, but memories and sadness and betrayal. Currently at a fork in her career, she’s given herself a weekend to decide which path her future will take.  The man from her past, Aiden Rourke, a passionate and sexy hunk, was once desperately in love with the young, carefree and bubbly Sam. His future is in Fenwick Island, yet his heart is Sam’s, and has been for many years. Despite the fact that they had shared one steamy night together, causing Sam to run, and Aiden to become disappointed in rejection, their unexpected reunion due to Mother Nature’s pummelling storm, ignites a storm of their own; one of passion and desire, but also confusion.


Reading Storm of Desire was enjoyable. From the very outset, you realised that there was unresolved, sexual tension between Sam and Aiden. A history of mis-communication. Due to severe weather, the pair was stranded in her mother’s house for the weekend. Both were wary of each other, both mindful of their one night of incredible lovemaking and of the five years of distance as consequence. Neither were aware of their much deeper attraction to each other that had been forming over the years at High School and beyond.

Predictably, as the storm ravaged outside, Sam sought solace in Aiden’s welcoming and trustworthy arms. As they enjoyed each other physically, no promises were made, no assurances of a future together given; yet a tender re-kindling of their previous friendship was made. Aiden had always thought Sam beautiful and wanted her to trust him and open up her caged heart. The feelings Aiden evoked in Sam and the passion she felt for him, terrified her.

The book has everything you require in a light Romance. Gorgeous, loveable and “hot” hero; sweet, yet troubled heroine and sizzling sex to keep you happy.

In their first lovemaking we read

“He seared her with his kisses, weaving a scorching path down her stomach to lave her belly button. Sam tangled her fingers in his thick hair and gyrated her hips, her core ablaze….His tongue found her bud. At the electrifying sensation, Sam clutched the sheets, wild crazed with the feel of his power. Aiden’s tongue darted in and out again and again until she was a writhing mass of need.”
 Phew !

If you enjoy books with sensuous lovemaking, believable characters and interesting storyline with an HEA, you will enjoy Storm of Desire. The length of the book did not allow much time for character development, nor did it offer much more than a quick frolic into the land of romance. That was ok. It was only over one weekend. I would have enjoyed a few more chapters to see what happened next, so was disappointed when it ended fairly abruptly. However, I would recommend this book to my friends as a quick, enjoyable read.

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  1. hi Musing Maddie! Love your avatar!!! Thanks for the review, Storm Of Desire looks very interesting, a great in-between book. Will look for it!

    1. Thanks Pat!! i am sure you will love it!! MM xx

  2. Who would have thought that I have this book and still unread? Thanks to this intense review, I will retrieve it from the Amazon Cloud. Wouldn't you know it, I am in between books so it will be read right away!

    Here's one main reason why I follow blog sites like this. Looking forward to reading more of your reviews, Maddie! :)

    1. Thank you so much Sapphire!! There are loads more to come...MM xx

  3. Musing Maddie, thank you for the review. I'm thrilled you liked my book. Pat F and Sapphire, thanks for commenting. I hope you enjoy the book. I'd love to hear from you.

    1. Thanks Cara! Looking forward to more of your wonderful books! MM xx


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