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Author Spotlight: Cara Marsi - Ten Reasons You'll Love My Hero Aiden Rourke

I planned to do an article on writing --
how I structure my day, how I come up with ideas 
and characters, etc.

But my hero in Storm of Desire
Aiden Rourke, insisted I write about him.

I tried to ignore him, but Aiden can be persistent in 
so many very good ways.

So here it is:

Ten reasons why I love Aiden and why I hope you will too.

10. He’s a hunk--thick dark hair, deep blue eyes, and a dimple in his cheek when he smiles.

9. Tall, with a muscular, sculpted body to die for.
                              8.  He’s a great lover.  

7. He loves his parents and siblings and feels connected to the place where he grew up.

6. He likes cats. Who doesn’t love a man who loves cats?

5. He’s smart and big-hearted.

4.  He’s loved Samantha for years, even after she ran away, wounding his ego and his heart.

3.  He’s understanding and kind.

2.  He knows what he wants from life.

and the Number One Reason I Love Aiden Rourke:

1. He’ll do anything and sacrifice anything to make Samantha happy.   

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and I hope you’ll read “Storm of Desire” to see if Aiden gets his heart’s desire.  Below is a hot excerpt to warm you on a cold day, or to heat you even more on a scorching day:

With a groan, he crushed her mouth in an urgent kiss. She parted her lips, welcoming his possession, as she slid down on the sofa, Aiden moving to lie on top of her. Slipping her arms around his neck, Sam kissed him with all the pent-up sexual frustration she’d been afraid to release.“Sam,” he whispered against her lips. He nibbled on the corners of her mouth and trailed hot, hungry kisses along her jaw line.She squirmed beneath him, her hips seeking his erection. Moaning under his touch, the storm inside her drowned out the storm outside.“Keep still, baby,” he muttered. “You keep moving like that, it’ll be over before it starts. We’ve got all night.”He slipped his hand under her sweater and cupped one breast, massaging her through the thin lace of her bra. Uttering tiny cries, she wound her fingers in his hair. It was as silky as it looked, as silky as she remembered.“Your breasts--so beautiful,” he murmured. He continued caressing and massaging until she bucked under him, nearly crazed with wanting him. 
“Easy, sweetheart.” He grabbed the edge of her sweater and slipped it over her head. Then he tenderly and expertly removed the skimpy red bra and threw it on the floor.Her nipples puckered and her juices flowed, wetting her panties. She was so ready for him. He took one breast in his large hand, rolling the peaked nipple between his fingers. “Beautiful.”Still cupping her breast, he captured the other nipple in his mouth, sucking, licking until she was a puddled mass of need.“Aiden,” she breathed.He kept up his relentless worship of her breasts, his talented hands and mouth working their sensual magic, taking her higher and higher, closer to the peak. It had been so long. She felt her climax building, a flame burning out of control. Purring her pleasure, she twisted her fingers into the soft fabric of the sofa.Her climax rolled over her in fiery waves, and she moaned his name until she finally lay still beneath him. 
Aiden held her close and kissed her hair. “Liked that, did you?”“Yes,” she croaked. “Oh, yes.”“You’re so responsive.” His soft breath whispered against her neck. “I remember how I made you come just touching your breasts.”His mention of that other night hit her with the force of the sleet outside. Humiliation and guilt reared up. She pushed against him and struggled to sit.He released her and she quickly stood, then bent to pick up her discarded clothing, holding the sweater over her nakedness.He stared up at her, the desire in his eyes slowly replaced by confusion. “Sam, what’s wrong?”She stared at him for long moments, her body on fire. She didn’t know what she felt for him. Lust? Love? Or was he just a convenience, someone to take her mind off her problems? Until she knew, she had to resist Aiden’s pull. For his sake.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt.

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  1. Thank you for having me today at Ravishing Romances. Thank you too for reviewing "Storm of Desire." I'm thrilled you liked me book.


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