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Dancing With Danger (by Laura Sheehan)

Dancing with Danger rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars
Release Date:  May 1, 2012

How are the sex scenes?
There is an adequate amount in the book, and nothing erotic.

How are the story lines?
The stalker story line is good and the most complete, my favorite part of the book. The sub-story lines confused me. I felt there were holes in character backgrounds and wondered if there was a book I should have read first (there isn’t).  

Would you read it again?
Will I read this book again, hmm, if Laura Sheehan wrote a sequel I might read it again before reading the sequel, but otherwise no.  I would try another Laura Sheehan book again given the opportunity.


Late one night while on patrol, Marc and his partner get a call on the radio to be on the lookout for a gray sedan, with a woman driving – the driver was a suspect in a crime. They spot a car and driver that meets the description, and pull over the driver.  Marc takes the lead in the questioning, and looking into her eyes, he knows she isn’t involved. The name on her license says Lily Brookstone.  A call comes over the radio that the suspect is being followed and backup is needed.

Marc drives by a coffee shop and recognizes Lily’s car.  On a whim he goes in for a cup of coffee. They make a date for a few days later.  That night Marc is at a bachelor party, he is mesmerized by one of the dancers.  Her eyes and lips remind him of Lily. When Lily realizes Marc has recognized her she runs. At the end of the night Lily gets to her car to find Marc. After an amazing kiss they decide to get ice cream.  When they return to her car the windows were shattered, tires slashed, all the lights broken with a threat written in lipstick.


Dancing with Danger is not the book to read when you want to relax before bed. It is a suspense story with a romantic element. The suspense plot of book is not obvious, and towards the end will keep you reading past your bedtime.  

What makes it different is that Laura Sheehan is a dancer, and this is quite evident in the Lily’s dance scenes at the strip club. The descriptions given to these dancing scenes left nothing to my imagination.  

I wish as much detail was given to Lily and Marc’s relationship – I feel their relationship plot was rushed.  Yes a couple can fall in love in one week; however I just really did not feel the connection Marc and Lily were said to have. 

Dancing with Danger is a good romantic read from an author with a different voice.

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 This review posted by KAME
Kame is a Mom and teacher. Her Nook is never far. Kame is hard pressed to pick a favorite book, genre or author.  As long as there are characters that make want to sit down and have an ice tea with them, she’ll read it. When she isn’t reading she can be found volunteering for her children’s activities or baking.

Published by Red Sage Publishing
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ARC received from author in exchange for an honest review..


  1. Kame, I love your reviews. They are always really well-written and give just enough information. I am intrigued by these very descriptive dance scenes you mentioned. I may need to read it to hone my skills:).

    1. The first one is the most descriptive - make sure you pick up a mask first...Thanks Sherri

  2. Great review Kame! We differ on opinions of some parts of the book, but that's what makes reviewing fun! Thanks!!!

    1. Yes Pat I am going to go find your review on GoodReads - I wanted to wait until mine was done. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Great review, well written and honest. Thank you

    1. Wow - how did I miss you stopping by! Thank you so much for your support!

  4. Kame, thanks for the review. I have this book on my TBR list, hope to get to it soon. Romantic suspense is my favorite. Nice job :)

    1. Steph - its one of my favorites too - but sometimes I have to have just a vanilla book to get my heart back on track! Thank you for stopping by

  5. Kame, great job on the review. I agree, well written and you give enough to just whet our appetite and intrigue us. I'm a huge suspense fan, with romance or no romance, I love thrillers. My Kindle may explode soon, but good thing I read fast. Another one to put on my TBR. Thanks

    1. Thank you Selena - that means a lot. I work hard on my reviews - I want to be honest yet be interesting. Thank you for stopping by


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