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Sweet Hell (by Rosanna Leo)

Sweet Hell rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Release Date:  July 16, 2012

This book takes place after "For the Love of a God" 
yet is not part of a series and can be read as a stand-alone story.

How are the sex scenes?
Delicious!!! Made me feel all squirmy!!  Rosanna just gets the balance right. You are so invested in the relationship between the characters that the sex is fabulous, and well worth waiting for.

How are the story lines?
Original. The story picks up well from the first book For the Love of a God. Once again, you are deposited into a fanciful world where the Greek gods of the past amble through downtown Toronto.

Would you read it again?
Yes.  I thoroughly enjoyed the frivolity of this book!  


Impertinent Dionysus, Greek god of wine and theatre and the world’s ultimate playboy, is used to a life of adoration, debauchery and very few responsibilities. Life had been good. He is still quite astonished by his formidable cousin Eryx’s transformation from Greek god to human, to marry his love, Maia. Dionysus could sense restlessness within him though. What is even more surprising is his recent disquiet at his carefree, bacchanalian lifestyle. Surely being a god was enough?

Independent and sparky, Josie Marino is the antithesis of the women Dionysus normally took to bed. Scruffy, mouthy and down to earth, Josie has dreams of owning a Winery. However, serving coffee and baking cannolli is the current extent of Josie’s life. Yet, all that is about to change. Despite acknowledging that the aggravating, demanding yet sexy customer from hell, Dionysus, is one lothario she wants to steer clear of, his persistent attention causes more than just X-rated dreams! Trouble is around the corner, or in this case, downstairs in the basement.  


If you’ve read For the Love of a God, and loved it, you need to read Sweet Hell. Author Rosanna Leo has managed to create another story that keeps you interested, makes you laugh and, at times, tingles your toes! Leaving downtown Toronto, you travel to the bowels of hell, which naturally is not a place you wish to be. You will once again enjoy wit, colourful descriptions and a brief re-visit to Olympus.

The book is very similar in its plot line to the first in the series. In some ways, this is disappointing, but in many ways understandable, too. It seems self sacrifice is a strength that these Greek gods possess despite their initial complacency and disregard for ‘mere mortals.' (Secretly, I think we need more men like this!!)

The volatile dialogue between the characters adds to the enjoyment, as well as the regular, funny profanities involving Hera. “…by Hera’s rectum…” is just one example.  The sex scenes definitely have you eagerly wanting more.
“Then he situated himself between the legs spread so willingly…for him….Filling himself to the brim with her womanly juices. Drinking her in as eagerly as he’d so often drunk the finest wines, he could conjure. After Josie, those wines would taste like swill”
“Dionysus chuckled as he sucked, clearly enjoying what he was doing to her. He ate her as if he were ravenous, moaning and sighing as he did so”
Sigh! This book is entertaining. If you are after a light, witty read, you will enjoy Sweet Hell.  It takes you on a journey into fantasyland that is well worth the visit.   

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  1. I have got to read something by this author. I have been seeing reviews of her books everywhere. All positive stuff.

    1. Heck, *I've* got to read something by her! I like the sound of her latest book, The Selkie. There's a legend about if a woman cries three tears into the sea a man will emerge and love her like no other.

      How can you not like that?


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