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For the Love of a God (by Rosanna Leo)

For the Love of a God rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Release Date:  April 23, 2012

How are the sex scenes?
They are HOT.
Details are not spared, so you feel as though you are experiencing the same ecstasy as the lovers. 

How are the story lines?
Fun. In some ways it’s a sordid love triangle, but in many ways it’s just a well written love story with witty one-liners, suspense and, of course, drop dead gorgeous Greek gods!! (literally!) The story is not meant to be believable, so read it if you enjoy a frolic in fantasy.

Would you read it again?
Yes.  If only to re-live the ‘funny bits’! 
The passionate love scenes would certainly be another draw card for me.


Maia, a self-confessed 27-year-old Toronto Museum conservator ‘dork’ is our heroine. She is passionate, refreshingly humble and blessed with brains, subtle beauty and a quick, quirky sense of humour.  She has been in love with the Greek God Eryx since her father introduced her to Greek Mythology when she was young. Maia considers the stunning, marble statue of Eryx, proudly housed in the Toronto Museum, to be hers.

Erxy, our immortal hero has had centuries of torture from his enemy, Nemesis, the goddess of retribution and vengeance. Her pursuit of Eryx, the god of love, has caused him to never want to love again. He has lived a long selfish life, frequently debauched in his own pleasure of women. But it isn’t until he comes across Maia, with her geeky t-shirts, and infectious passion for restoring Greek artifacts, that he finally meets a woman he wants/needs to love.

Despite his desire to resist Maia, something about her resurrects his instinct to protect, and possibly also to love.  Lucky for her, he's a god who loves passionately.


If you need a break from ‘same old’ contemporary romance, try For the Love of a God. Author Rosanna Leo has managed to create a story with interesting yet intriguing combinations of surreal, steamy and suspense. With unpredictable twists and turns, the plot piqued my curiosity all the way through.

I did not expect to read a heroine’s description of herself like this…
“Well ... when I was eight, I went through a really determined nose-picking stage. And I wet the bed until I was ten.”  
But that is our eccentric Maia.

We have to wait until chapter nine for the first steamy sex scene. However, the innuendos in the preceding chapters make the wait both believable and acceptable.  Here’s just a tiny taste of what to expect (and enjoy!!)
“Finally, after what seemed like hours of delectable torment, his mouth found her. His hungry lips kissed her swollen skin, his tongue slid into her warmth, and he captured the pebbled pearl.”
This book is for the lover of fun. It’s well paced, deliciously saucy in parts, and the unexpected, up-tempo humour is brilliantly timed and placed. 

Learn more about Rosanna Leo and her upcoming titles on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

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  1. Thank you Musing Maddie and Musing Sallie for the excellent review! I am so tickled that you enjoyed my book!! :)

    1. I'm tickled your FINALLY being reviewed on this site. FINALLY.

  2. Fantastic review.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I loved Maia, but fell in love with Erxy.

    1. Hi Brenda! Thanks so much for visiting and reading. To be honest, I'm sorta partial to my Eryx too! :)

    2. Thanks so much, Brenda. I'm glad you stopped by. Stop by tomorrow for Rosanna's guest post.

      And p.s. - I'm giving away copies of her book. She doesn't even know it yet. :)

  3. Hey Brenda,

    So did i! Who wouldn't love Eryx! Thanks for your comments.


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