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Every Breath She Takes (by Norah Wilson)

Every Breath She Takes rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Release Date:  September 4, 2012

"This is actually a reissue of my award-winning Lauren's Eyes, a western-set, sensual romantic suspense with paranormal elements.  Revised, retitled, and sporting a more genre-appropriate cover, it's ready for its second debut!" 
- Norah Wilson, from her website

How are the sex scenes?
Plentiful, sweet, romantic, lustful and realistic.
I especially loved the oral scene.
It is endearing and charming and exactly what a hero and heroine should be.

How are the story lines?
The romance and suspense share the plot perfectly.  
The characters act within reason and the heroine is strong.  

Would you read it again?
I had to.  My book hangover lasted three days with this one and a re-read was required to move on.

Back of the Book

Veterinarian Lauren Townsend's psychic ability didn't just earn her pariah status in her hometown; her "freakishness" cost her a fiance and her faith in love.  But after foreseeing a murder - through the killer's eyes - she is compelled to trace the victim to a sprawling ranch, never imagining what waits for her there...

Cal Taggart's life doesn't need any more complications.  His stubborn determination ruined his marriage and now it just may cost him his ranch.  But then beautiful Lauren enters his corral - and rugged Cal wants nothing more than to protect her.  They can't deny their intense attraction.  Nor do they want to.  What begins as a fling with no strings attached becomes a fight for survival - and for true love.


Every Breath She Takes by Norah Wilson is a contemporary romantic suspense novel based in Alberta, Texas.

Cal Taggart is a chivalrous and good-hearted hero who's a tad too nice to his idiot ex-wife.  He also has daddy and love problems that cause him self-esteem issues.  He's a protector, but I hesitate to call him an alpha male, because he's in charge, yet not controlling.  

Lauren Townsend makes the story.  Having suffered through premonitions most her life, she's fed up with waiting for victims to die because she can't identify them.  She hops on a plane, takes vacation she saved up for her cancelled wedding and plants herself in the center of Cal's ranch determined to save the life she knows will be at risk.

The perfect thing about this: Norah never lets Lauren stray from her purpose.  

This is a romance novel - Lauren finds someone to do, but Norah keeps her heroine on point, thereby creating a consistently strong character.  Cal has the "issues" in this story, because Lauren's main goal won't allow her to wallow in self-pity for longer than three sentences.  

Lauren's busy saving someone.  If that means she must hurt Cal's feelings and not stroke his ego then so be it.

There's a wonderful father/son element to this story.  Usually parental involvement dampers a romance novel to me - but Norah makes it enhance the hero/heroine relationship.  Smart writing.

After page 200 there are twists and turns and action with HUGE plot revelations.  Not once did I contemplate setting this book down.  I couldn't.  

The entire story ends on a steady upswing making Every Breath She Takes a romance reader's paradise.

You liked it.  Why didn't it receive 5 stars?
If I disliked the ex-wife any more I wouldn't have been able to read the novel.  Then I would really hate her because she would've kept me from reading an exceptional book.
This is a personal preference, though.  Personally, I prefer my almost-villains to have a redeeming quality.

 Find out more about Norah Wilson and her upcoming titles on her website, Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

Published by Montlake Romance
Disclaimer:  No compensation was received for this review.  ARC received from author.

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