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Diary of a One Night Stand (by Alexandrea Weis)

Diary of a One Night Stand rating:  3 out of 5 stars
Release Date:  August 1, 2012

How’s the sex scenes?
Passionate and fast paced, with a little slow and seductive thrown in on occasion. At times, there was a lack of finesse in the description, with the scenes short. It was almost cringe worthy to read “Every time I’m inside of you it’s getting harder and harder to control myself."  The shower scene however – hot!

How are the story lines?
Diary of a One Night Stand tackles the sad circumstance of a disintegrating marriage, the consequences of a passionate fling and the sordid city council dealings of a post Hurricane Katrina New Orleans. The story is at times a little unbelievable yet does have a surprisingly satisfying outcome.

Would you read it again?
No.  It’s not the sort of book that I would read again, but my preferences are books with less angst, a little more joy and a whole lot more sauce!


Seeking a distraction from her stifling marriage, forty one year old civil attorney and mother of one, Kara Barton, engages in a one night stand with the seductive, handsome and wealthy businessman, Scott Ellsworth. She vows that her tryst is a one-time deal; to allow herself a night of forbidden pleasure.

However, as Scott is unrelenting in his pursuit of Kara, her resolve to stay away from the sexy fifty two year old known womanizer, weakens.


As a general rule, starting a book with infidelity does not engender the desire to continue to a story’s conclusion. Despite fairly weak dialogue at times, and questionable leaps in time, author Alexandrea Weis has managed to produce a story that you do want to finish.

“Sometimes we walk away from a marriage emotionally, long before we do it physically.”

For those who need their HEA, you will find it in Diary of a One Night Stand! It’s not a book for readers who just want a light hearted romp, yet it is a compelling book to read, if you can digest a little intensity.

For a fifty two year old, Scott Ellsworth is certainly a voracious lover. It’s not surprising that the lonely, affection starved Kara, keeps coming back for more.

One thing that is somewhat irritating throughout the book is the dysfunctional relationships that Kara has with everyone in her orbit. She seems to be very self absorbed with little foresight of the consequences of her actions. As she becomes more self aware, and is more honest with her mother Helen, her husband Cal, and even her boss Joe, she becomes more honest with herself, and as a result, almost likeable. Admittedly, what Scott offers in the form of security and pleasure, is completely outside of her previous life experiences, and thus, understandably attractive.

Thankfully, there are a few moments of light-hearted relief in the form of Simone, Kara’s feisty, ten year old daughter.  Her take on the world, and her funny quips and delightful sense of humour, are nicely written. For the most part though, Diary of a One Night Stand, is quite sad.

In some ways, the ending is very abrupt. Thankfully an Epilogue is provided, giving the reader some hope and a smile.

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