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Cover Reveal: Rachel Carrington's "Waking Up Immortal" - Universal Security Series, Book #1

Waking Up Immortal
Release Date:  October 20, 2012
Book One in the Universal Security Series 

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Would You Marry a Man with Machinery?
By Rachel Carrington

In my latest novel, Waking Up Immortal, the hero, Kier, is half man/half-machine. As a result of a terrible accident, he’s had to be rebuilt to a certain extent, and he has the speed and strength to show for it. Of course the heroine, Chloe, is fascinated by him as any heroine is supposed to be. But would you be? Do you think you could trade I Do’s with a man who could give Mr. Atlas a run for his money?

Let’s break this down into the pros and cons.


Here is a man who has steel where muscles should be. (This could come in handy when you need him to do yard work. No complaining of sore muscles here.)

He can run at speeds faster than an ordinary car. (Talk about saving some time on errands. Just send him out to the store for that gallon of milk you forgot.)

He can dangle a man six inches or higher off the ground with one hand. (No more pulling and tugging the sofa away from the wall to vacuum underneath it. You’ve got your very own forklift.)

This man doesn’t get tired. (This could go in the con category as well because, well, while a certain amount of stamina is great, we still need our sleep.)


If he decides to walk (or run away) from an argument, you’re never going to catch him.

If he’s sitting on that sofa you need to vacuum under, you might as well pick another chore to do.

A playful punch to his stomach could break your hand.

Are those machinery parts paid for? Will they rust? What happens when they start to creak? 

All perfectly valid questions when you’re considering marriage to a cyborg hybrid.

Of course, this particular hero also more than a few secrets up his sleeve and is a fierce protector of the woman he loves. That last part would probably be enough to sway me. If I’m willing to marry a man who isn’t fully human, then I’m going to call myself a heroine. And all heroines deserve a man like Kier in spite of the cons.

All of this said, would you walk down the aisle to tie your life to a man who had more machinery in him than a Dodge Dart? I hope you’ll read Waking Up Immortal first before you respond. Kier just might change your mind. 

I could die today, and it wouldn’t matter. I’d still wake up tomorrow. Some people might consider that a good thing, and the time I took my first bullet, well, I can’t say I complained when I woke up, but that’s the middle of the story. 
At first I didn't want this "gift" which led me to a long search for my father. I thought he could help me. Turns out my father was in prison, and I just happened to get on the bad side of his warden—a huge, cyborg type of guy who could body double for Sylvester Stallone. He didn't want me to see my father, and he was a pretty big obstacle for me to overcome. 
So here I am trying to convince this guy, Kier, to let me see my father when all hell breaks loose. Then I suddenly learn I really don't want to see dear old Dad after all. My life isn't in danger, but how I spend the rest of my immortal existence is. The only thing standing between me and certain torture is Kier. 
I don't doubt he'll protect me, but being so close to him makes me forget about things like safety. And the first time he kisses me turns into heat up the windows type of scene in the front seat of my car. 
My immortal existence is safe with Kier. My heart is on shaky ground. Only I could fall in love with a cyborg while my life is going to hell in a handbasket.

Rachel Carrington began her career writing fantasy romances of powerful wizards and wicked witches. Since then, she has branched out into contemporary romance and romantic suspense and has had books published with Ellora’s Cave, Samhain Publishing, Red Sage Publishing, and more. 
Currently, a freelance editor/writer residing in historical Charleston, South Carolina, Rachel has written non-fiction articles for Absolute Write, The Writer’s Journal, Writing for Dollars, Writer’s Magazine, and Writer’s Weekly. 
Because she likes staying busy, Rachel has also taught classes for Suite 101 and for author groups regarding promoting, writing, starting your own business, and editing. 
When not writing, Rachel loves to read romantic suspense (Lisa Gardner and Roxanne St. Claire are two of her favorites), rework old furniture, cross-stitch, cook, and drink lots of coffee.

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  1. im sure i could over look the machinery, i would definitely go down the aisle with him. he be able to do so much

  2. I agree, Julie! Not too difficult to look at, either, is he?

  3. Thank you, Denise. The book wouldn't be half as awesome without your input!

  4. I'll answer this!

    Yes I'd walk down the isle with him. All that machinery he's sure to come with an off switch.

    So if he's!

    No? Doesn't work that way?


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