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Depths by Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt

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Book Rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Series Rating:  4 out of 5 stars  
Genre: New Adult romance

How are the sex scenes?
Deliciously hot! Would have loved more though.

How are the story lines?
Interesting and compelling.

Would you read it again?


Do you believe in love at first phone call?

Cohen Rodriquez, Deo’s hilarious, über responsible best friend in LENGTHS got dumped by his longtime girl because he’s ‘not impulsive enough,’ and he's burned up.

But maybe, just maybe, she’s more right than he wants to admit. So he starts to date.
A lot.
But no one really feels like the one. And the more girls he dates, the more Cohen’s convinced she isn’t really out there.

Luckily he has Maren—the girl with the sexy voice who always cracks the best jokes. They’ve been talking daily for a year…on the phone. What started as all work soon blooms into friendship. Then she asks him.

Do you want to meet?

He's scared out of his mind to ruin the one easy, fun relationship he has going for him. But he takes the plunge, and things are just fine, totally easy and comfortable.

Except that they both sense it's not strictly platonic...there is an undeniable attraction and absolute raw chemistry between them…and every time they're in the same room, that attraction gets deeper and harder to ignore.

Maren could be the best thing that’s ever happened to Cohen… Or she could send his carefully compartmentalized life into a tailspin.

Cohen has to decide if he’s ready to let go of his comfortable fantasy and embrace the one girl who might be able to change his luck in love.

With two wonderfully solid authors in Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt, I would have been incredibly surprised if this second installment in the series, Depths had not been good. Once again, however, the characters were well written, the storyline believable and engrossing and the chemistry – hot!
Gorgeous, talented and selfless Maren was due some happiness in her life. She had operated in the shallow depths of all her relationships in order to stay well protected from hurt for many years. The one man, her father, who should have been her protector and provider, caused her the most angst and sadness, even over her dead-beat, cheating boyfriend.
Sexy, kind and intelligent Cohen Rodriguez held fast to predictability – in his superficial girlfriend and in his family business position, in which he was completely over-qualified. In both situations, he lacked motivation for change and desire to step away from what was easy.
Despite the warm friendship formed from their telephone conversations throughout the last 12 months, nothing prepared Maren and Cohen for their first face-to-face meeting. The attraction was instant and the draw to each other captivating. Suddenly shallow and easy was no longer an option, and along with some boundary pushing, came sizzling hot encounters and a radical new outlook on life – together, not alone.
Switching POV each chapter was a wonderful tool allowing the reader to get inside the heads of the H & h. I had expected a little more tension and conflict from the ex’s. The wanting of more was not because the story was lacking, but rather because I just wanted more to read! I am a fan of Epilogues, so was thankful that we were given a brief glimpse of the future.
With superb writing, a compelling story, witty dialog and a few delicious sex scenes, I loved Depths. Any person who enjoys New Adult Contemporary romance will enjoy this book. (But you might, like me, have wanted more!!! Greedy little reader that I am!)

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  1. wonderful review, been eyeing this series, a few of my friends have read it and love it :) I hope I can make time for it!

    1. Thank you Lily. I love anything that these two esteemed authors produce. Always good work! MM xx


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