Friday, April 19, 2013

Enchanting Ella: Marketing 101

Welcome to Indie Author High.  This week was an eye opener for me on a subject breached with a single post.  Models being used on book covers.  

The post addressed the fact that this particular author didn't do it to make millions and that they weren't using said image to help sell their books unlike other authors who are doing so and having the models advertise the book.  [cue record scratch] 

Last time I checked, picking your cover for your book was a marketing strategy and tool??  The cover can be an important part of what is bringing in your customer to view your blurb.  It's what draws me in or away if I'm being honest.  

The current trend right now appears to be the use of models on the covers of the indie books.  Yay for me!  Yay for you - right?  Who cares if the author is using the model to help promote their book or books to adjust the sales and boost their numbers?  Isn't that what you're out to do as an Indie Author?  Let's all be honest about it.  I think it's a great idea.  I believe it does what it's supposed to do.  Gain you momentum as an author.  Gain you fan base as an author.  Gain you revenue (potential millions if you're lucky).  Stop the hating on others or trying to make it seem like you're not doing the same thing that others are doing. Own it.  

There are potential issues with the use of cover models.  The problems I do see in all of this model for cover scenario are these:  
  • over use or over saturation of the same model 
  • under use of a model in the fact that he's labeled as a "specific" character and can never be used on any other cover 
  • authors identifying models as "MINE" as if they are property instead of human beings 
  • competition between authors who are supposed to be "peers"  
My hope is that the literary world survives this trend.  I guess that all depends on the professionalism and maturity of the authors who are making their names in the Indie Author world.   

What are your thoughts on 
models being used on the book covers? 

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  1. Always interesting discussions on the blog with you Ella. I never thought about models being "claimed" by an author as hers/his. I don't think anyone can say they don't look at the cover first, when looking for a good read. Why wouldn't you want to have the cover help promote your book? If the cover model is willing to promote, what's wrong with that? I guess I'm confused, I didn't realize there were "rules". All I can say is when I see Karl, one of Jenn LeBlanc's cover models, I take a closer look at the book! LOL. Thanks Ella!


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