Monday, April 22, 2013

Blog Tour: Rock My Bed by Michelle Valentine

Rock My Bed is live on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.    

Today, Ravishing Romances has a guest appearance from Riff of Black Falcon.  We asked where the idea of the "Golden Ticket" came from and here is the answer:  

Well, I think it all started with the need to keep things simple. He wanted women to know this was just a one-time ride for him, absolutely nothing long-term, what better way to do that than hand out passes. It lets women know right up front he’s a self-centered asshole and not to expect anything from him. The tickets soon became his trademark and groupies knew exactly what it meant to get one. They kept his life simple and uncomplicated. Just the way he liked it. 

For more information on Author Michelle Valentine and her other books, visit her website, Facebook and Twitter pages.   

For a full schedule of the Blog Tour - head on over to I Love Indie Books and check out Holly's updates.  

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