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Music of the Heart World Tour: Interview with Rhys McGowan

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Released 3/25/13 

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I met with Rhys McGowan from Runaway Train!!  
Here is my interview, enjoy! 

I arrive at the line of buses and find the one marked Runaway Train.  Not sure why I’m so nervous but I have to wipe my sweaty palms about six times feeling like a water spout is attached to each of them.  I knock on the door a few times lightly.  They must not hear me inside, so I knock a little louder pounding on it this time.  The door opens and I see AJ smile at me.  “Hey there, can I help you?” he says with his pearly whites shimmering.  My panties start to feel a little too constricting and I can feel something pooling down south.  Damn he’s gorgeous.  I hear someone clearing their throat and I snap out of my daydream – I was frolicking on the beach with AJ – shake my head and realize that I haven’t introduced myself yet or said a word.   “Oh, hi – My name is Aimee and I’m a blogger for Ravishing Romances and I’m here to meet with Rhys McGowan, the bassist for Runaway Train”  I giggle incessantly “But then you know that because you’re AJ Resendiz and he’s your band mate so why am I telling you who he is.”  
Oh dear Lord in Heaven, am I rambling again?  
“Come on in, please Rhys is waiting for you.”  AJ said with a smirk.  I walk up the stairs and find Rhys waiting for me at the kitchenette.  I sit down and gather my notebook and pencil and look up through my eyelashes at the other gorgeous man sitting across from me.  I’m sitting at a kitchenette with Rhys McGowan of Runaway Train.  I’m screaming internally – thank goodness he can’t hear it or he’d think I was nuts.  

“Ok, so let’s begin – I’m Aimee, I blog for Ravishing Romances and we’re so super excited to have you guest with us today on this blog tour.”  I tell him as I hold out my sopping wet hand – when I realize it’s all sweaty I quickly and embarrassingly wipe it off on my boob and blush when I realize what I’ve just done.  Mortified I ask him my first question and the interview begins.  He looks at me with a smile and winks like everything that I just did to embarrass myself was nothing. 

“Rhys, you are the bass player of Runaway Train – could you tell us all how you became the bass player for this great band?”  
Hi Aimee, it’s nice to meet you. *raises brow* Ravishing Romances huh? Like the old bodice rippers my mom used to sneak and read because for her society circle they were “trashy novels”? You now, where dudes were ravishing chicks with their pulsing members?
*winks* Just kidding. Lemme get back to the question.
I was getting my Pre-Law degree at Emory University in Atlanta when I met Jake at an Open Mic night at a local coffeehouse. I was scoping out the music scene as a way to alleviate some of the stress of school and my parents riding my ass all the time. Jake invited me to audition for the bassist in his band. He and AJ had been playing in a band since high school, but they’d lost two members. They’d met up with Brayden.

“What person or which band would you say is your biggest influence?”
Even though it’s Brayden who has the serious jonesing for Paul McCartney, he’s a killer bassist. There’s also Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers that I really admire. And John Paul Jones of Led Zeplin.

“What do you define as your greatest moment with Runaway Train?”
I think when we won our first Grammy for Best New Artist was the highlight. Each new #1 that we get on the Billboard Top 100 is pretty freakin’ amazing.

“What would you say is a key component of the band on and off stage?”
Brotherhood. You have to like and love the dudes you play with, or it would never work. We live in close quarters for months at a time, so if you don’t get along, it would be hell.

“What were your initial thoughts when you all found Abby on the bus running from Jake and the back bedroom?”
*snickers* Well, it all happened so fast. I mean, one minute I’m dead to the world sleeping in my roost, and then the next there is a chick screaming her head off. When I found out she’d kneed Jake in the balls, I knew I was going to like her. He’s so cocky and used to thinking anything with a vagina wants to bang him. It was quite refreshing to see him crash and burn.

I giggle because deep down, I also kind of enjoy the fact that Jake got kneed in the balls.  

“Did you wish it was you that Abby would’ve been attracted to instead or are you happy for Jake and Abby?”
Sure, I wanted her to be attracted to me. She’s a beautiful, sexy girl, both inside and out. But at the time, I couldn’t give her what she would have wanted—a relationship, monogamy. The more time I spent with her though, the more platonic my like/love for her became. I look on her like a little sister now. I’m happy for Jake because he’s met his match in a girl, and she’s been able to tame him. I don’t know if I’ll ever be ready to settle down, but I want it to be someone like Abby—someone who could challenge me emotionally, spiritually, intellectually.

Note to self, he likes chicks like me.  Good to know.  

“What do you look forward to the most before going out on tour?”
Hanging out with the guys and being down and dirty. When I go home to Savannah, a lot is expected of me.

“Are you proud of what Runaway Train has accomplished so far and what does the future hold for you?”
I’m very proud. We’ve come so far in the last four years.When I gave up law school, my parents disowned me for a while. They thought I was throwing away my future. But when the band took off and we won our first Grammy, they started coming around. They’re still not real thrilled their only son is a rocker, rather than a lawyer, but they’ll live! Well, as long as I marry a suitable girl and have a few kids to carry on the family name.

God, is it wrong to want you to pick me? 

I think the future is very bright. I love that we’ve got Jacob’s Ladder on board for the tour. They’re in a great place for even more crossover success with Abby at the helm.

“What was the first guitar you ever owned and who gave it to you?”
It was a Gibson Thunderbird IV, and I bought it myself when I was thirteen with some inheritance from my grandfather. I’d been forced to play in the orchestra at my private school, so the cello to the bass wasn’t that different.

“Do you prefer playing acoustic or plugged in?”  
There’s nothing like the adrenaline rush of a live show with the amps blaring, but I also love the intimacy of an acoustic performance. It’s like you’re stripped bare in front of your audience.

Um, did he just say stripped bare?  Why am I suddenly imagining him naked now.  

“Okay, well I know there are so many other fantastic blogs out there wanting to showcase you all on their stops, so that’s really all I had for you today.  Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today Rhys, I’ve really enjoyed it.” I hold my hand out for him to shake again, much more confident now because I feel like I know Rhys McGowan a little better now.  I smile as he takes my hand and holds it up to his mouth kissing my knuckles.  I think I’m swooning.  
Thank you so much for interviewing me, Aimee. No need to rush off now. *winks with a sexy grin*

I giggle and smile shyly.  Climb my way out of the booth and exit the bus with a little more appreciation for a rockstar.  

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  1. Congrats Rhys on the Grammy, you and the band are rockin hot! Funny interview my panties would be heading south too if I were in your
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  5. Great interview Aimee! I wanted to read this book before, now I really want to! Do you need an assistant, one to carry your pen or notebook when you go interview rock stars?

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