Thursday, April 11, 2013

Enchanting Ella: Professionalism in the Self Publishing world

As a blogger, I find myself often witness to moments of over sharing on Facebook.  I know we are in the age of social media but how much is too much when it comes to being personal vs being professional?  

When you are running your page as a "business" do you really want your customers to see the moments of crazy or would you rather remain the professional entity that you should be when presenting a product?  

In my experience and in my opinion, you shouldn't broadcast emotion.  I'm a very emotional person, but on my business page I prefer to remain professional.  It's a personal preference.  I have a personal page where I can be me if I need to vent or need to express.  They are separate for that reason.  

In the book world, it should also be a consideration for every author to remain professional and to portray the business professional that they are supposed to be.  Books are still a business and readers are still the customers.  It goes the same for Authors dealing with Bloggers and Bloggers dealing with other Bloggers.  We should all be courteous and professional to each other.   Aren't we all in this for the same reasons?  To promote reading and reaching out to the public to spread the word of great books written by amazing authors.  I think some of that has gotten lost in the competition of the arena.  

I've said it before and I'll say it again because it's always worth repeating.  I'm not here to compete.  I'm here to support.  The only person I will compete against and try to beat is the person I was yesterday.  I'm going to promote what I love and that's a great book.  If the author or blogger happens to take a side step down crazy lane, I'll still promote a great book.  The problem sometimes with humanity is the tendency of group association.  We are all individual and should be viewed as individual.  So hopefully, you're here to see what Ravishing Romances has to offer and won't judge our blog based on association alone.  Judge us based on our quality and our product that we are here to deliver.  Because that's what we want you to judge us based on.  

Who are some of your favorite authors or blogs?  

What would you like to see more of from Ravishing Romances?  

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  1. This is an awesome post! And as a blogger, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I don't consider other bloggers as competitors, but rather a support system. Most of us just want to promote the love of a good read & fabulous author along with helping them get their work noticed! Great work here!


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