Friday, April 26, 2013

Enchanting Ella: 5 Star reviews, Real....or Fake?

The first thing I learned as a blogger for romance novels was how to provide reviews for all the books that I read.  Some books from purchase and some books from authors called "ARCs" or Advance Read Copies.  This step is key for any author published by companies or self published.  

However, lately I'm seeing nothing but 5 star reviews.  I know I've been guilty of this myself.  I have been finding some great reads.  But in my reflection of the reviews, I'm now questioning how many are truly 5 star and what does 5 star mean?    

Here is how we rate our books on Ravishing Romances:  
1/5 stars: Couldn't finish it
2/5 stars: Finished it.
3/5 stars: Liked it.
4/5 stars: Really liked it.
5/5 stars: Loved it.

So I start looking back on the past reviews I've done.  Did I love them all?  Or did I Really like it?  Is it offensive to the author if I only give it 3 or 4 stars?  And if it is offensive, do I care?  Of course I care if anyone is offended by my book review.  But I'm supposed to be objective and non biased right?  So my reviews should be honest and constructive.  

I wouldn't change any of my past reviews because the 5 star books that I have read and completed, are books I'd read over and over again.  I take pride in my 4 star reviews just as much as my 5 star.  I hope the authors appreciate those as well because it's still saying that the book kicks ass.  Hell, even a 3 star is a book I'd recommend to a friend.  

How do you determine your review rating?

Are you rating books on content or editing or both?  

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  1. I think it's natural that some of our past reviews may not reflect how we would feel about the books if we read them today. I feel like I was a different reader a year ago. That's not to say I was dishonest about my feelings for any of the books I reviewed, but I have read a lot since that time, and learned a lot from very knowledgeable bloggers, reviewers, editors, etc. I focus on different things now.

    My ratings are similar to yours:

    5/5 - I loved it. A must read. In other words, I'd hold you down and make you read this. (@Kristin - JUMP! Enough said.)
    4/5 - I really liked it and urge you to check it out.
    3/5 - I liked it enough that I would be willing to read something else by the author.
    2/5 - Not great. Better off borrowing it.
    1/5 - DNF

    Had you asked me a year ago what I rate my books on, I would have said 1)content and 2) would I read it over and over? Today I still base my rating on content, but editing plays an even bigger role for me. It's quality and content. Especially with ebooks because I can't get a refund if I hated it. With print books, I can at least give them away to someone who may enjoy them.

    1. Thank you for that. I whole heartedly agree. I grow with each book. Sometimes I feel like I'm too harsh on some than others. I guess it's just hard to measure sometimes what exactly it is that makes me love a book or hate a book or even just like a book.

  2. I just love to review books,I'm not a blogger. I rate my reviews on content, and editing. I don't rate books lower than three stars, because I wouldn't continue reading it if I disliked it that much. I have to say, when I have read a PDF or ARC that hasn't been fully edited, I'm a little less disturbed by goofs.
    When I first finish a book, I tend to be very excited about the book. I usually let it sit in my mind for a day or so before I review. That way I have time to really think through, is this a four, or is this a five. Ella, you always give me things to think about!

    1. That's a great tip Pat! Taking a day would at least give some time to mull it over and gather your thoughts. Maybe even let the high mellow a bit lol!


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