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Double Trouble in Paradise, Story #2 Pagan's Paradise (by Susan Connell)

Book Release Date: April 18, 2012
Book Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"Pagan's Paradise" is book Two of the Double Trouble in Paradise series
This eBook contains two novels

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How are the sex scenes?
Sensual, but not explicit.
 “In a titillating tangle of arms and legs and writhing bodies, he moved in her and over her as he explored the mysteries of her moans and cries…”

How are the story lines?
Interesting and engrossing.

Would you read it again?

Back of the Book

In PAGAN'S PARADISE another ex-pat, this time putting his tuxedo to good use, is doing his best to keep a revolution from occurring. Jack Stratford has a plan that appears to be working until Joanna McCall shows up. She insists she's not leaving the country until her photography project for a children's charity is complete. Jack knows she's in danger and does what he must to keep her safe and, hopefully, send her home. Like that's going to happen! With a crusty jungle guide and a wacky Elvis impersonator why would anyone want to leave?


In Part 2 of Susan Connell’s Double Trouble in Paradise, Pagan’s Paradise, we follow the story of recently introduced swanky heart-throb, Jack Stratford. Cocky, confident, seductive and sexy Jack! Ms Connell sure knows how to write them!

Having recently flown into San Rafael from the US, innocent but talented portrait photographer, Joanna McCall, was determined to fulfill her responsibilities to charity group Lemon Aid, and capture the plight of the many innocent children suffering from poverty. She also wanted an adventure. When she first focused on hold-your-breath-handsome’ Jack Stratford through her camera’s lens, she was transfixed by his intense, pale blue eyed stare; his aura of self-assurance. But she had a job to do, and was determined not to be distracted. Until, fate brought them together. She didn’t expect his attraction, certain he only saw her as a generic man-protect-woman’ case. She knew he harbored deep secrets and was reluctant to open his heart. (but, at least he shared his prized stash of peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches and soda – that’s got to count for something!)

Jack had a secret he was forced to hide. In San Rafael for work, he was also attempting to mend a betrayed, broken heart. Joanna was like a breath of fresh air to his stale existence. All things about her captured his heart. Her humor, her courage, energy and beauty, both inside and out, were all facets that enraptured him. After only a brief time, he was surprised that he’d become so attached to her vital feminine force’. However, he wanted her out of San Rafael to protect her from the advancing political storm. Could he risk telling her the truth? Could they survive the truth?

Susan Connell knows her craft. Romantic Comedy is her strength. She writes beautifully, describing scenery sufficiently, without largess of words. With both finesse and eloquence, she creates tension with satisfying resolutions, and with clever, witty dialogue, her characters are funny and mischievous.
Are you drunk?” she asked, knowing the question would set their teasing banter in motion.”
“Would you take advantage of me if I were?” he asked, looking her up and down in a way that made her feel naked.”
She can also write passion!
Like a master working his brush on fresh canvas, he created fantasies in her consciousness that had her squirming to have them fulfilled.” “She took his breath away; from sweet seductress to willing lover, she was every woman he ever wanted…Provocative, passionate and more determined to please him than he ever dreamed.”

 I love her delicious, drool-worthy Heros!

The thing I enjoy most about her books is her humor, (she gives new meaning to getting down and dirty!) and the fact that each book elicits a blissful sigh at its conclusion! So, if you are in need of a fun, romantic romp, with a lick of suspense, pick up Double Trouble in Paradise. 

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