Friday, February 15, 2013

Enchanting Ella: In a Complicated Relationship with Many Fictional Characters

Fictional Book Boyfriends...... I have so many.  

Just when I think I can't find another great character, KABOOM!  I read another great book and fall in love with the Hero.  Being the week of Valentine's Day, so many other blogs have been posting about book boyfriends and our top lists of them.  

I quizzed a few of my reading pals with the following:

Me:  Ok girls - book boyfriends will be my topic for my blog this week so I need to bounce around some stuff. 1. What makes a top book boyfriend? 2. Would you say that the rocker, rebel tattoed bad boy or the suit man are most of your pictures or are you like me and all over the board? 3. Younger hero (Kellan or Rule) or more mature in life (Gideon or Aidan) 
1. Perfect book boyfriend is someone who is strong, yet sensitive. A great lover, kind and considerate to the woman's needs but strong enough to take charge.2. I have a mixture of pics to refer to, I have done bald tattooed rockers and some guys in smart suits, depends on the character really.3.  I like both a young hero like Kellan and a mature one like Aidan

Pidge:  I do think I like a more mature book boyfriend overall, though...Gideon, Christian, Ethan. They have to br sensitive to the female's needs -- in and out of the bedroom. I love a strong love and characters who feel incomplete without each other...I'm a sucker for a romance!!!!!!!!

So every book has a story that has the beginning, a middle and an end.  Throw in some great angst and you've got a good mix.  But without the Hero to fall in love with, it's not a true romance.  So many different books have opened up my eyes to new and different types of heroes.  For example, I just finished Rule by Jay Crownover.  I would have never in a million years thought that I could fall in love with a character full of tattoos who sports a purple mohawk.  But I did.  I so did.  Thanks to great writing skills and character development, I couldn't help but fall for Rule.  He's everything any red blooded American girl is searching for in a romance.  

So off I go again in search of more great book boyfriends.  Because after all, the search never really ends does it?  

What's your favorite type of hero?  

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  1. Great post! Favorite type of Hero, hummm...the old tall, dark and handsome works, but without self-awareness, attentiveness, ambition and a wicked sense of humor included, the guy won't make it to my book boyfriend list.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love hearing about other book boyfriends. :)


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