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Double Trouble in Paradise, Story #1 Trouble in Paradise (by Susan Connell)

Book Release Date: April 18, 2012
Book Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

"Trouble in Paradise" is book One of the Double Trouble in Paradise series
This eBook contains two novels

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How are the sex scenes?
Sweet and sensual.
As he entered her, the petal-smooth centre of her body closed around him in a profusion of snug contractions. Glorying in her feminine rite of possession, he rolled to his other side, taking her with him…..This was their place in paradise.”

How are the story lines?
The multiple storylines are woven together well and engrossing.

Would you read it again?

Back of the Book

TROUBLE IN PARADISE features Reilly Anderson, a hotel owner (or is he?) on the edge of the rain forest, who must deal with a beautiful, determined guest wanting information Reilly can't give her. Allison Richards is not the type to give up so Reilly does what he must...even if it means playing an updated variation of Tarzan. Throw in a breast obsessed monkey, a village kid with attitude and let's get this party started! Near the end of this romantic comedy you'll meet the hero of the second book.


In book one of this wonderful duo, Trouble in Paradise, Susan Connell once again delights her readers with her richly humorous and heartfelt stories, sure to entertain and engross.

What would you expect would result between a lackadaisical, gorgeous, bare-chested Alpha male relaxing in a hammock in a Central American rainforest, and a suit clad, uptight Mortgage Advisor, on a mission to find her missing brother in law? From this author - Fun! Mischief! Simmering sexual tension!

Reilly Anderson was a man ostensibly unfazed by the crazy world in which he lived. He had a wicked sense of humor, and believed, upon meeting the assertive Allison Richards, that it was his job to de-stress her (or at times, distress her….or even de-dress her!) and quickly send her packing on the next plane back to the US.  She was unknowingly, in danger of destroying a vital, top-secret project, one month from completion. But, if he thought he could get this beautiful woman, whose confidence was able to bore 'into him with enough feminine energy to blitz every masculine circuit in his six-foot-two-inch frame' to retreat from her quest, he was sorely mistaken.

Allison Richard's life had been ordered, functional and safe. She was fiercely loyal, intelligent and passionate with a dry and snarky wit. She had thought she was simply on a mission to find her brother-in-law, last heard of in Reilly’s hotel. She thought her mission would be handled quickly and efficiently, returning her to the real world within days. That is, until she met the devilishly handsome and sexy Reilly Anderson. Her long neglected libido was quick to stand up and scream for this man.

Similarly, Reilly's desire was enflamed by this fearless and stunning woman. But he was hiding a secret. Would this secret destroy their fledgling fantasy-like romance? More importantly…..could she play Jane to his Tarzan??

Written eloquently in third person with rich dialogue and humor, the reader gained insight into each character’s thoughts and motivations. The mischievous shenanigans of the pet monkey, Puddin’Head, as well as the quirky antics of fellow hotel guests, kept serious moments light. With two passionate characters in Reilly and Allison, sexual tension was high. You will enjoy watching those flames catch fire!

When you need a sweet romance mixed with a dash of mystery; a sexy, hot Hero and spirited, witty heroine, grab yourself a Susan Connell book. She provides picturesque scenery to soak in, colorful supporting characters who delight, and comical stories to enchant. Double Trouble in Paradise will engage you if you need fun, naughty and nice!

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  1. Thanks Maddie! This book looks like so much fun! A monkey that likes breasts? Oh yeah, have to check this one out!


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