Friday, February 8, 2013

Enchanting Ella: Sleeper Books and Social Media

Sleeper books have been exploding thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.  
Wikipedia:  sleeper hit, also known as a surprise hitsleep-killer or sleeper or "over night success", refers to a piece of media that gains a sudden and unexpected success or recognition. Sleeper hits often grow in popularity over time as people promote them through word of mouth marketing.  
I feel like I have a book list in my Kindle app full of some great sleeper hits.  

I know I personally have lots of criteria before I'll share a book recommendation with a friend.  I need to make sure the book is worthy of my voice.  We all have different taste in books but there's still that slim chance that I'm going to know when someone is going to love a book as much as I do.  

Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads are great sources to determine good options as well.  Not only that but there are so many great blogs out there that share information on great new releases and books from new independent authors.  

In this wonderful world of social media, it seems to be helping yet hurting the indie authors.  By helping, they are getting their new independently published books out there for all to see, read and feel.  By hurting, they are getting their books taken from Beta form or ARC form and seeing them distributed where it shouldn't be distributed.  

It's unfortunate that there will always be some dishonest folks distributing books that shouldn't be released to the public.  However, I try to always see the good out there and will always feel that the Beta copies and ARC opportunities should continue because it's a really really great way to get the word out on a great book.  Well that, and trusting my list of books.  ;) 

Do you have certain friends you'll recommend books to?
Are there certain criteria for you as well that makes it worthy of recommendation? 

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  1. I love this post. I had not heard of a sleeper hit. :)

  2. Very interesting post Ella. I have bought a couple books on e-bay, and was disturbed when I saw ARC's for sale! It would say in big letters NOT For Sale! That is someone making money on an author's generosity.
    I will recommend a book to a friend when I know their reading choices, or I just have a book I want to rave about. Most of my friends know how much I love to read, so they will come to me. I guess that's why I like to review, I get to talk about books! Thanks Ella.....


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