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Blog Tour: Ruining You by Nicole Reed

Book Release date:  January 26, 2013
Book Rating:  4 out of 5 stars 
Ruining You is book 2 in the series by Nicole Reed 

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For a girl who dared to tempt death, living is the only promise that matters now.  Jay’s life almost came to a forced end when her darkest secrets were revealed and the one who she chose to give her future to was ripped away. Now, everything she kept hidden is the topic of everyone’s conversation, and not all are sympathetic. Someone wants her horrific past to dictate her future, and another is determined to help her choose a different path.  In conclusion to Ruining Me, Kane and Rhye know that Jay is worth the fight, but waiting for her to find herself may ruin them all.


Ruining You by Nicole Reed started with a poignant question by a bruised and tattered Jay Stevenson, who had always believed handsome men would be her mythical knight in shining armor, her prince, her savior. "Why is it, if I wholeheartedly believed in the prince, that I didn't believe in the villain as well?" It set the direction for the book well. It was also such an appropriate question for Jay to resolve, to enable recovery. To see life as 'an endless road of journeys' , to learn to love herself, to heal - crucial. She didn't need to be rescued from the villains by the prince, but rather reconstruct her shattered soul, finding her own strength, her own rescue, but without her self-imposed isolation and silence.

The story picked up two months after Ruining Me's dramatic conclusion, and it was, in a word, harrowing. Yet, it was also hopeful. Once again, Jay oscillates between the men in her heart, providing angst, tension and frustration for the characters (and the reader I dare say!). I laughed, and cried through Jay's account, and then joined her in moaning lust of Kane. Again.

Nicole Reed's writing was flawless. Introducing gorgeous and wise Eli to the characters was just right, as was the time and attention given to other supporting cast. With unexpected twists and intense turns, especially near the end, the book demanded my complete attention from start to finish.

The journal entries were a brilliant touch adding to the somber yet insightful re-construction of Jay's heart- a propitious sign of recovery, and a hint to the chapter's content. The dreams - heartbreaking. Lighter moments were provided at appropriate times considering the darkness that continued to lurk in the shadows.

"I need to get my story out, not as punishment, but as victory for truth." Very apt. Jay - your courage and maturity won my heart.

This book would make an amazing movie. I'll definitely come back for more of Nicole Reed in the future.

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  1. Thank you so much, Maddie, for that AWESOME review. Thank you Ravishing Romances for participating in my blog tour.

    1. Thank you so much Nicole for the incredible privilege!!! Good luck with the Blog tour!! MM xx

  2. Wow Maddie, what a powerful review! Going to have to check this one out! Thanks.....

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