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Caught on Camera (by Kim Law)

Caught on Camera rating:  4.5 stars out of 5
Release Date:  October 30, 2012

How are the sex scenes?
Varied and with chocolate.  
There's a lot of substantive sex and Law 
details some while placing others behind closed doors.

How are the story lines?
Didn't see them coming.  
The reveals play big parts in this book and they are all unexpected.

Would you read it again?
I would.

Back of the Book
Scandal meets seduction when America's golden guys falls for a woman with secrets. 
Beautiful Vega Zaragoza was poised to become fashion’s next “it girl” when she learned the hard way that sex and politics don’t mix. Now the former model spends her days behind the camera, working as a videographer to hide from public scrutiny. Her life is on autopilot until a promising new job sparks her ambition. There’s just one catch: she must land an exclusive interview with JP Davenport, the golden boy of American politics and first in line for Georgia’s open senatorial seat.  
Charming and gorgeous, JP is also fiercely private, a charismatic enigma with his fair share of secrets — not to mention a string of romantic conquests a mile long. He could make Vega’s career, or destroy what credibility she has left — because JP has made it very clear that his interest in Vega is anything but professional. Vega should know better than to trust a man like him. But kiss by heated kiss, she discovers this man may be worth the risk.


Caught on Camera by Kim Law is a contemporary romance based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Straight from my notes to this review:   Best. Opening. Line. Ever.

"It was a darn shame someone with that much 
raw sex appeal was a politician." 

After spending five minutes with businessman and celebrity JP Davenport, I tend to agree.  He's attractive, he's charming, he's every woman's dream one-night-stand and he's pursuing heroine and news videographer Vega Zaragoza.

Vega crushes on him.  Hard.  

"Oh geez, she even thought his teeth were awesome."

But for reasons later revealed she has nothing to do with him.

Law takes her romance a step beyond the hero chasing his heroine. Law's heroine wants to be caught, but can't be caught because it's not in the hero's best interest.

And the kicker - it's a legitimate reason.  It's not because she's harboring some puny secret and if it gets out her mother will be upset with her beauty parlor friends for gossiping underneath their hairdryers.  It's because her secret can potentially harm the hero in devastating ways.  

Even before Vega falls for JP she protects him, and herself.  This is not commonly used in romances and I like this.

Vega's character growth is beautiful.  JP has his personal growth too, but Vega turns into a stronger, more independent woman who decides that her love for the hero is not more important than her integrity.  This is a message desperately missing from our romance novels and I am thrilled to read it here.

Vega's reveal is crazy good.  (Our new technical term.)  I love it for so many reasons and cannot tell you a single one of them because they are all spoilers.  But read the book and I'll praise this reveal for an hour.

Caught on Camera focuses on self-respect and personal appreciation.  It shows the crucial point where a person must learn the importance of loving themselves so that they can then bestow their love on others.    

For the $3.99 kindle price, Caught on Camera is a steal.

You liked it, Why not 5 Stars?

No matter how much I enjoyed this story and its message, 
the book could be shorter.

A few scenes were drawn out and I felt JP pursued Vega for too long 
without enough change in her responses.

The ending (which is fabulous and what every romance lover
 aspires to read) is exceptional...and perhaps too perfect?  
There's a small section I feel could have been cut.  
It's the longest happy ending in the history of romance.
But really, I'm probably just being too picky.  
Romance readers want everlasting happy endings.
And Caught on Camera gives it to them.

For more information on Kim Law and her upcoming titles, please visit her website, Twitter and Facebook.

This review provided by Musing Sallie

Published by Montlake Romance
Disclaimer:  No compensation was received for this review.
ARC received from publisher.
Sallie belongs to MCRW, the local RWA chapter where Kim Law is the president.


  1. As usual, Ravishing Romance provides a great review, and another book I want to get!!!! I may even have to go back to work to pay for my book addiction. :(.
    Thanks Sallie for another review for a book that sounds different and fun! On to my TBR!

    1. You're so sweet, Pat. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Okay see what I missed when I didn't have power - I am intrigued


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