Friday, October 26, 2012

Enchanting Ella: Give Me Some Sugar

"...I like the water and hot man combo."
- Enchanting Ella

Chocolate is not a huge necessity in my life, however for some strange reason when the holidays roll around my body gets this craving and urge to eat all things made of chocolate.  This year however, I’m doing my damndest to try to avoid packing on the winter weight and staying on track with my weight loss program.  Which leads me to the choice between plain candy or man candy.  This year, I choose man candy

With man candy there is no weight gain.  In fact, you might even lose weight by ogling over all the pictures of HOT men.  You could burn calories from all of the brain waves and body reactions.  My idea of man candy is defined as cut muscles, clean, tan and oiled up.  There are the usual blondes, brunettes and black haired beauties and, of course, the affectionately dubbed gingers or red heads to be politically correct.  Bald is also gorgeous candy on occasion.  There are a variety of choices.  The human body is such a wonderful and beautiful miracle how could you not love to look at all of its curves and fine lines? 
Now that we’ve discussed the bodies, who doesn’t love finding out when the fine specimen actually has a great personality and some form of intelligence?  That’s just like the icing on the cake or the caramel center in a fine chocolate.   

Romance books allow us to take our version of man candy and make the story come to life.  Having a great visual can make the story seem more real.  I recommend searching for a great picture to represent the character in your book and keeping a mental picture of them as you read your next Romance book.  It definitely helps me with my visualization.       

Who's your favorite man candy?

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  1. I think your diet plans for the holiday is excellent!! No fat , gluten, wheat, or carbs!!! LOL! As far as Man Candy, I 'm afraid I have worshiping from afar, one of Jenn's other models Karl. ~ sigh-~. You should take a look!

    1. AH..... Karl! Yes, I've seen him! I do agree Pat! Karl is also a fine piece of candy! There was just something about Derek's feet and his rump shaker that made me pic him for this blog. There are lots and lots of choices out there though! I'll be searching for some more calorie free candy this weekend! Thanks for stopping by! Love to hear from you!

  2. Hello Ella! What a nice way to start my day! You forgot one way this diet plan works...when the man candy is this nice it's so distracting I totally forget I ever wanted the other kind! I also love both Karl and Derek, but I think my favorite is Chris Hemsworth (Thor!). Thanks for a great post :) Oh, and the pics you chose here are awesome!

    1. Hi there Steph99 ;) It's a great diet plan but hard to stick to sometimes lol! Chocolate around this time through February is hard to resist but a girl can try right!?! Oh and Thor - yeah he can get the temperature rising for me too!

  3. OM - I love how you noted the photos by: Body Parts by:
    I am partial to the guys on Jaci Burton's Play by Play series. And I like anyone with muscles - not too much build that has veins protruding - and is wearing cowboy attire.
    Never know their names as I make them up in my head...
    okay now I am blushing

    1. Hi Kame! LOL! Yeah I love his body parts, totally smexy! Those feet and jeans just make me swoon! And the low riding! I blush too - and I'll have to go check out some Jaci Burton so I can make up some names in my head too! ;) Thanks for stopping by!


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