Friday, October 19, 2012

Enchanting Ella: Pop-Up Kilts

"I love a good stalking."
- Enchanting Ella

An author posed this question on Facebook,  
“Does the cover make a difference  
when purchasing a book?” 
To me, the cover does catch my eye or peak my interest in a certain way.  Take for instance the kilted men on the Highland style books.  
What woman wouldn’t want to know what’s under that kilt? 

I even went as far as suggesting that they make the covers “pop up” style.  Hey why not!?!  
I know I know… a little extreme, but a girl can dream!  
Leaving more to the imagination might be a better selling point.  I sometimes find the hero in my head looks much different than the representation on the cover.  I do however appreciate that the new covers are more real life and less staged.  Think back to the Fabio days ladies, and you’ll remember what I’m talking about.  I’ve also noticed a lot of books are now creating a standard simple image for the cover.  Maybe this allows us to read certain categories in public without embarrassment and is a good marketing ploy?

That being said, once I’ve attracted to a cover it will usually lead me to read the blurb describing the book.  If the blurb is interesting enough my next step is to search for the customer reviews.  Those are the most interesting part of why I will or will not choose a book.  I find that if a book has great reviews, I will dissect each thoroughly.  Sometimes I choose to bypass any that seem to be too negative or too positive.  There has to be a “meaty” reason why the book was good or bad and not just fluff of either positive or negative.  Give me a valid reason why you were or were not sold on the book.    

Book covers are one of many reasons you should consider the purchase, 
but don’t make them be the sole reason you won’t.    

What's your favorite romance cover?

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  1. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!! Your imagination is amazing! Your should write your own book!! SR

  2. Thank you!!! I appreciate it hon! ;)

  3. *enamored sigh* I really need a highlander. To read a highlander. Yes, that's what I meant.

  4. haha! I need one too! A book about one, wink wink!

  5. I'll take a highlander! Oops, you know what I mean.... ;). I have to admit I am disappointed when the cover does not match the characters at least a little bit. I like to be able to picture them when I'm reading. Plus Jenn LeBlanc's covers are HOT!!

  6. Pat, if I could get one for me then I would totally get one for you too! ;) It can be a disappointment when the cover doesn't appear to be anything like the character in the book. I do however find myself picturing my own hero in my head sometimes even when the author has made a bold description. Weird. I guess my brain just has someone that I think is "perfect" in mind lol! Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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