Saturday, August 4, 2012

Best Romance Book Trailers

Romance novels.  *Enamored sigh*  They're even better when depicted by video.  Here are a few that make me want to purchase their stories...

Pamela Clare's Defiant
Excerpt - Pamela's Website - Sallie's Review - Amazon - B&N

Meet Karl.  Hello Karl.  
Karl is the model depicting hero Connor MacKinnon.
I watched this at least 12 times, then immediately sent a fan-girl email to Pamela begging her for an interview.
Warning:  This trailer creates fanatics, not just fans.

Amber Lin's Giving It Up
Excerpt - Amber's Website - Sallie's Review - Amazon - B&N

The two opening frames convinced me this novel was worth reading.  
Luckily there is another minute and twenty seconds to reaffirm that impression.
This video also preceded a fan-girl email, and
this novel puts Amber Lin on my "to read" list for all time.

Victoria Vane's A Wild Night's Bride
Excerpt - Victoria's Website - Goodreads Reviews - Amazon - B&N

Seven seconds of dainty classical music then some smartass changes the station and jams to AC/DC's You Shook Me All Night Long.
How can you NOT love this?

Christine Feehan's Dark Predator
Excerpt - Christine's Website - Goodreads Reviews - Amazon - B&N

After timestamps 00:16 - 00:26 I just want to offer my services as a stand-in heroine.
I have yet to send Christine any fan-girl email.
What if she doesn't like me?

Alexia Banks's Forgotten Dreams

Book Blurb - Alexia's Website - Goodreads Reviews - Amazon

This trailer is well done.
I see this and feel like I've sat inside Alexia's kitchen and shared experiences over a cup of coffee.  Or, rather, a glass of wine.

Alright fellow novel lovers, share with me your favorites and may we all bask in the hotness that is romance

Check out USA Today, Happily Ever After's favorite trailers here.

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  1. Just wanted to share a really cool romance book trailer I came across on youtube. Hope everyone enjoys.


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