Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guest Blog: Photographer and Author Jenn LeBlanc

I'm Such a Tease...

It’s entirely true, I’m a huge tease, and I believe it’s in my job description. :)

So I’ve brought three teases with me today. 

Hold on to your seats:

1. My cover art photography, if you aren’t familiar with it, is known as #StudioSmexy™ (yes I did just trademark it). I shoot cover art among other things, like my entire 6 part serial novel, The Rake And The Recluse : REDUX.

Recently I took #StudioSmexy on the road, from California to Florida. It was INSANE fun. So here’s your first tease:

This is Derek. He is the STAR of my illustrated romance and one of my best friends, we travel and shoot and get crazy and have an all-around good time together. It’s pretty insane.

2. I recently found a new guy, his name is Karl. You might have heard of him if you know Sallie. Maybe. So I shot Karl right before I left for this massive trip, and I haven’t finished editing the images. But this one, this one is done:

3. This is a VERY RAW, never released, scene from my next novel which is lovingly nicknamed #Twitchy. Twitchy is the daughter, and sole child of a duke, so she is charged with finding a place for herself, and her mother, should her father die. He isn’t well, and the pressure is on her to marry and secure their future as the entailments will pass to a distant cousin not interested in extended family encroaching on HIS lands.

Amelia has what is most likely Asperger’s with a side of OCD. Which makes anything in public terrifying and stressful for her. Her mother doesn’t understand her daughter’s differences and only wants her to stop acting out so she can catch a husband and secure their place...

She sighed as he washed her breasts slowly, the gaining circles arousing her as the chill rose her nipples to tight buds.

“We need to make our way back to the Manor.” she whispered.

“Ah yes,” he said, his breath drawing gooseflesh across her belly as he knelt before her and continued his ministrations.

She giggled as he reached her feet, tickling the bottoms before letting them rest on the sheet below her.

He stood and turned toward the teapot. “I imagine this will be overpowerful if we do not drink it soon.”

Her eyes fluttered. “Oh?”

“Yes, the tea.” He turned her toward the little table and set her in the chair, pulling another blanket around her since the sheet was now on the floor.

He served her some fruit and cheese, fixed her the perfect cup of tea, if a bit stout, then sat across from her in his own blanket.

“We will get you back to Pemberley, then I am off to Castleberry Keep to finish preparations. Are you nearly packed for your journey? I would very much like for you to be settled in your new home before the wedding.”

“My new home.” She felt the smile break across her face and knew the truth of it then. All the words, all the thoughts, all the preparations were nothing without knowing in her heart and her soul that this man was her world, and she would be his. “Thank you.”

“For?” he asked between bites of an orange, the juice pouring over his fingers as he demolished the poor fruit over a plate.

“For being so very patient.”

“Well I have proven nothing if not my patience. Beyond that what is there but my undying affection and my will to please. I am your servant.”

As he spoke the tangy, bright scent of the orange washed over her and she breathed deeply, wanting to always remember this moment by that scent. “I suppose peeling an orange was beyond your servantly lessons?”

He held his hands up, dripping with massacred citrus and smiled. “A bit, I suppose. But I love them terribly.”


“Yes, oranges, they are delicious.”

“Well, let me see.” She stood and moved to him, leaning over and licking straight up his chin to his mouth, then sucking his lip between hers. He groaned.

“Oh dear me, you have made a bit of a mess.” She kneeled before him and took his hand, sucking the first finger in her mouth, then moving to the next.

“Amelia.” he grumbled.

“Goodness, you should sit still, after all I never once complained when you so very thoughtfully washed me.” she said before moving to the next finger.

“Amelia— we must return.”

She took up the bits of orange and squeezed what was left over his chest, the juice running down to be caught by his navel. She leaned in and sucked the juice from him then ran her tongue up the center of his body to his neck, where she paused, sucking at the little hollow below his throat. He swallowed, her tongue playing across his neck as he attempted to speak again.

“As you please.” she said, rising and moving across the room to the basin where she dropped the blanket and rinsed her hands.

He simply watched.

His mouth was extraordinarily dry considering he had only moments ago finished an orange. A rather large one at that.

He was across the room in two strides, spinning her to face him and capturing her mouth, the tangled flavors of oranges and strawberries between them.

“Anders.” she breathed.

“Yes Amelia?”

“I find I quite like oranges as well.”

These are my three teases. What do you think? Do you neeed more?

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  1. Hey Jenn, of course, more teasing is always good. haha Love the picture teases. But I do not read excerpts or advance chapters of books I plan to buy/read. I will wait. Meanwhile, maybe more picture teasing?
    I have enjoyed your work. Written and pictures. Wish there was a way to post your big pink book so people could actually see just how beautiful it is.

    1. Krazymama, here's what Jenn posted to you:

      Thank you MAMA!!! You are so sweet, I'm terribly happy to hear how much people love the big piink book. It makes me so very very happy :)


  2. Good morning Sallie, Jenn! How can we not live vicariously through you? I've got cottonmouth from just looking at that gorgeous photo of Karl. That left arm of his has me mesmerized. I love your black and white photography. It adds a certain mystique to the subject matter, especially human anatomy, that color photos just don't seem to convey. The artist in me is itching to draw that arm, lol. Thank you for sharing these with us.

    1. You are the *best* cheerleader. Where do you find the time for it all?

    2. LOL! For one, it interests me, and secondly it's in my nature so I do my best to *make* time for a little pom pom waggling :)

    3. Hey sexy lips! Here's what Jenn posted to you:

      Michelle I completely understand, I have actually named some of Karl's muscles because I'm so impressed with them, I just stare, perhaps attempt to keep from drooling, since he is very aware of my staring. But I pull him to the computer and say HEY!! LOOK there, look at that definition!! I want more of that! And he complies. It's wicked awesome. Derek is the same. SEE that! See how it does THIS? Yeah, do more of THAT please. :)

      You are so welcome!! I love to share :)


    4. Ugh, he flexes on command too? Can he BE any more perfect?! And the following can not be said of many men, but Karl has such lovely hands. Love that right hand.

  3. Thanks Musing Sallie, I was not familiar with Jenn's work before! I Love your three teases! Especially Karl! Will there be more teases??
    Love " Twitchy" also!

    1. Click on her pictures! Click on her pictures!

      They're linked to Jenn's photo site and show more of her men. I mean, models.

    2. Pat, you should read her book. I think you would like it. And its illustrated! Fabulous.

    3. Home Dog Pat!! Here's Jenn's response to you:

      Thank you Pat!! I just couldn't decide between the three, so I threw them all in there for you guys. Why not. My three favorite things? Perhaps. I'm nothing if not a tease. All day every day.



  4. Karlll!!! Oh wait, I've gotta give D more love than Karlll cause he was my first in a totally non-inappropriate way. So Jenn, when will you finish Twitchy because you've been teasing pretty much since last year and I'm DYING to read it!

    P.S. I'm so freaking proud of youuuu cause of that thing and the other thing and all of it! *smooches* Thanks for letting me hump your gear. Haha.

    1. I laugh every time I read this!

    2. Kati! Here's Jenn's response:

      Kati..... hmmm. Kati... Kati Kati Kati. There just are no words for the awesomeness that is you. I love it when you hump my gear.


    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I agree Karl is a great find!

  6. Hi Jenn and Sallie! Jenn,I love the teaser! I have your first book but I haven't read it yet. You know how those TBR lists get. I so want to read it though!

    I stalked you all the way across the country :) You know how much I love your pics, pretty much everything, even instagram! This one of Karl is amazing. Can't wait to see the rest. Feel free to keep posting, don't think you'll hear any complaints ;)

    1. Steph we should take a road trip to see Jenn photographing people. I mean, if Karl happens to be on the premises it's just our luck, right?

    2. Sallie, sign me up! Did you watch the interview? Such a cutie :)

    3. Yes, the interview's adorable.

      "You can be whatever you want to be" type message.

      Well Karl, don't make that promise to the group of women drooling over you, because I'm pretty sure they're all wanting to be in the spot.

      (I'm such an AWFUL anonymous blogger. I totally posted this as myself. Those of you who subscribe via email? Cover = blown)

    4. SHEESH, in the *same* spot.

      I need to go back to bed.

  7. Beautiful! No, really....BEAUT-I-FUL!

  8. LADIES, Jenn can't comment on the blog. Google hates her and we now hate it. But here's what she's TRYING to post:

    I'm just testing this because I respondd to every comment but they're GONE!!! *sobs* If this posts, I love you all!! AND THANK YOU ALLL SOOO MUCH!!! I don't know why my comments get eaten up. :( Come find me on facebook or twitter! I love to chat!


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