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Guest Blog: Mary Hughes on "Biting Oz," Biting Love series #5

Biting Oz rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Release Date:  August 14, 2012
Biting Love series rating:  N/A (haven't read them all)

"Biting Oz" can be read as a stand alone novel

Author Mary Hughes
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Thank you, Sallie, for having me here today!

Writing a series in first person, is it difficult to switch characters each book?

Sherlock Holmes, Amelia Peabody, Kinsey Millhone—some of my favorite stories are in first person. There’s an immediacy that you get from being right in the hero’s head which works especially well with dry humor. But most of my first-person favorites are mysteries, and all of them feature one unchanging narrator. First person romance? Sequential narrators? Never saw it—until I read Lori Handeland’s Nightcreature series. I fell in love. Each heroine has a smart, kick-butt style that really shines.

I’d written some women’s fiction in first person and had great feedback. But I love romances, so I decided to try combining first person with romance myself. Bite My Fire and Biting Nixie were the result—along with my first sale J.

Making each Biting Love heroine unique is both a challenge and a joy. The challenge is creating a character different enough from the previous heroines—while still keeping her smart and strong. The joy is when, after much preliminary fumbling, the character’s unique voice finally sings through. Nixie, a punk rock musician, slings her slang. Elena, a cop, has a saltier vocabulary than shy geek Liese. To me, these are now truly different people, so in a way it’s easy to write them differently.

But there are a few helpful techniques that all writers can use. I pick a couple specific concepts for every character (not just the heroines), and use those concepts each time I reintroduce the character. Nixie wears kids clothes but swears like a Marine. Liese is wholesome as a dairy maid. Logan is insouciant and graceful. (See Jim Butcher’s Live Journal for TAGS and TRAITS). I also pick emphasis words/phrases (swearing) that fit the heroine’s lifestyle. For example, when Biting Oz heroine Gunter Marie “Junior” Stieg misses her solo entrance, she snaps, “Stuff me in a tuba and blast me into space.” Each heroine also has a different career path—my varied job history is now a good thing, LOL. Even when two women have overlapping careers (Junior and Nixie are both musicians), they approach life differently (one is all about responsibility, the other is all about individuality).

Finally, even when the characters’ voices are totally different, I tag dialog when there are more than two people in the scene (Junior said; Glynn crossed powerful arms; Nixie danced, or, being pregnant, she wobbled). In a real-life roomful of people it’s a challenge to keep track of all the conversations, so in a story, I try to make it crystal clear who’s talking, not relying on voice alone.

Biting Oz features the first ever meeting of the vampire spouses of Meiers Corners—seven smart, strong women around one table. You can judge for yourself how well I’ve done keeping them unique J .


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Biting Oz rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Release Date:  August 14, 2012
Biting Love series rating:  N/A (haven't read them all)

Biting Oz by Mary Hughes is the fifth book in her Love Bites series and can be read as a stand-alone novel  

How are the sex scenes?
As erotic as they can get without sex toys.  Be prepared for hair tricks, strategic biting, peculiar positions and hard orgasims. 

How are the story lines?
Biting Oz reads like an Adult Swim cartoon with sex.  The story lines are great, if not a bit bizarre with a flare for the overdramatic and unreasonable.  Many character actions do not work logistically, but suspend your requirement for realism and you will not be disappointed.

Would you read it again?
Yes.  The first person inner monologue and spicy intimate scenes make it worth-while.

You've read the blurb, now read the review!

Warning:  Contains biting, multiple climaxes, embarrassing innuendos...
- blurb by Mary Hughes

Biting Oz is a modern-day romance novel based in small-town Meiers Corners, Illinois with a heroine who continuously makes uncomfortable "come" comments:
"Um, why have you come?" Come.  "Here, I mean.  Why have you come the store.  Yes, that's what I meant." 
Glynn called again that night but didn't come.  Um, come over...visit.
What really makes Biting Oz an exceptional read is the hero and heroine's hotness for each other.  Their chemistry burns.  Hellooo lust at first sight.  Minutes after their first meeting, heroine Junior begins thinking unclean thoughts about Glynn's finely muscled chest and broader than linebacker shoulders.  His bite-your-lip accent makes her go *squish* and despite her "no entanglements" policy, she already wants to drop to her knees and give him 20 minutes.  

And that's just Junior.

Readers don't see Glynn's thoughts in the beginning, but he makes his feelings clear when he has her shoved against a bar table, molded between his thighs and is tonguing her tonsils.  What??  Their friends were in the bathroom - they had some extra time.

If you like this - you'll crave Biting Oz.  There is dry humping, first, second and third base action, orgasms against doors, orgasms in beds, multiple orgasms, blow jobs, hand jobs, fangs piercing erotic places,, parts and much, much more.  

Written in first person, the reader is privy to Junior's hilarious and lustful thoughts like, "We managed to make it downstairs without me jumping his big, hot...damn or his lovely, strong...fuck" and "My belly heated and my panties felt a little too tight."

And Glynn smolders with temptation when he whispers, "I'm going to screw you, Junior.  Screw you in absolute silence."  Glynn is enamored with Junior and has this innate need to protect her - not just bed her, and this really sets their relationship aflame.

Why only four stars?  This reads a bit like an Adult Swim cartoon.  The bad guys try to capture their targets in actual bags and Junior is daftly slow on the uptake of *gasp* the existence of vampires.  (Glynn mists into her room at one point and she doesn't take issue, though she did have her hand down her pants at the time...)  There's also the fact that they perform their musical in bad guy central, assuming it would take two hours for bad guy reinforcements to show up.  And Glynn happens to know all the words to Good Witch Glinda's part....see?  Adult Swim.  But Adult Swim rocks, and so does Biting Oz.

There's so much more to this book - yes, in addition to burning chemistry, insane love-making and witty commentary there is more...but what more do you need?

Save a human, ride a vampire.  Purchase.  I mean, read.  Read.  As in read Biting Oz...yes, that's what I meant.

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The series story order is:
Oz Bites* (short story) 

Published by Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
Disclaimer:  No compensation was received for this review.  eARC received from Mary Hughes and Author's Angels.

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  1. Hi Mary,
    You talk about the different career paths for your heroines. What is the strangest job you ever had?

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mary and for leaving your email! I always forget to ask for it.

    2. Hi Cathy! Strangest...well the most memorable was as a cleaning temp at a big department store. It really is amazing what people thing is acceptable to leave behind in a bathroom...don't ask. Best different was the singing the Play of Daniel, a medieval liturgical drama, in Latin (yes, I got paid :) Teaching martial arts was fun, I actually got sick of all-you-could-eat donuts when I worked at the donut store (I got over that), and of course playing various pit orchestras has always been entertaining. Thanks for asking!

  2. Hello hello! Sorry, I couldn't come by last night. I was practically in bed when this posted, then I nearly died laughing at the blurb and the review - I was too exhausted to post anything :) This book/series sounds hysterical! I love a lot of sexiness mixed in with a lot of humor. And "reads like an Adult Swim cartoon"? Then this must be over the top crazy, lol. If it's like Sealab on sex steroids, I'm so reading this. I picked up the freebie and look forward to seeing what all the fuss is about *looks pointedly at Sallie*. Oh Sallie, I've never had "hard orgasims" before. Is that like, lots of little powerful ones?

    1. Hey Michelle!

      Sealab on sex steroids?? LOVE it!

      There's nothing little about these orgasms. More like repetitive life altering ones due to a certain vampire's bite on a certain female part...

    2. "More like repetitive life altering ones due to a certain vampire's bite on a certain female part..."

      Oye! O.O You're kidding!?!? Okay, now I have to read this for sure!

    3. I don't think I've ever read about biting going on ... there. I want some of that! :D

    4. Hi Michelle! Adult Swim or Archer, if you're into FX. Hey, in my defense, vampires are "monsters"--I mean larger than life, right? ;)

    5. Very good point, Mary. I enjoyed the larger-than-life of it all.

    6. @Mary @Sallie Oh hush! You two are such teases! How is a girl supposed to concentrate on getting things done when you two plant such imagery in my mind?

    7. :D I'm still stuck on "Save a human, ride a vampire". That has got to be the greatest tag line ever for a book, LOL.

    8. @Mary If your vampires are anywhere near what Sallie was hinting at, I'll hop on that fanged ride, cowgirl hat and all! Think he'll mind spurs?

    9. ROFLOL! Spurs and fangs that jingle jangle jingle...

  3. This series is going to the top of my TBR. I have heard nothing but great things about it.

    Thank you for being a part of the BITING OZ Blog Tour!

    1. Hey, DiDi! Thanks for your kind words!

    2. lol...I was online all morning and there were no comments so I had lunch and did some editing...then I looked up and it was 6 pm and the comments had

    3. :D

      It's the author interaction lure. Gets people every time.

      You're selecting a winner for a backlist today, yea?

  4. Congrats on the release. Loved the first one. Can't wait to continue the series.

  5. Adult Swim cartoon *snort*, I love it. Seriously how have I not heard of you before?! I will be rectifying that shortly. And it has been a while since I have read a book in first person, I like that POV too.

    eyesofblueice (at) gmail

    1. Hi Lexi! I've been in my author cave spelunking for a year or so...that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :) Thanks for your great comment!

  6. Great interview and review! I didn't realize from the cover that this book would be so erotic - well, now I know. Will definitely check it out :)

    1. Hi Amber! Thanks for your nice words! The books are a fusion of explicit sex, action, humor, romance, kitchen sink, vampires, and one or two deeper emotional moments (okay, maybe not the kitchen sink). Each cover in the series has some of those elements.

      Believe it or not, Biting Oz is actually less explicit that the rest of the series, although in some ways the romance itself is hotter.

      But when I do the cowboy vampire book I am definitely getting spurs on the cover :)


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