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His Brand of Beautiful (by Lily Malone)

Book Release Date: March 1, 2013
Book Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

How are the sex scenes? 

Quick and sizzling. 

How are the story lines? 

Engaging and interesting. 

Would you read it again? 

If there was a sequel, I would read it again. 


Christina Clay only wants the best when it comes to her family’s iconic Australian wine company, and Tate Newell has the best marketing brain in the business. But there are some people in the world Tate doesn’t want to work for and Clay Wines’ eccentric chief executive is high on his list. Christina collects causes like some women collect shoes, and every time she opens her mouth, he’s reminded of the one person he wants to forget.

Sometimes, to get a woman out of your head, you have to let her in.

Before Christina can say Crocodile Dundee, she’s in a two-seater plane flying into the heart of central Australia to visit Tate’s childhood roots: the remote cattle station his family still own and run. It’s a ‘research project’ he says, to see just how ‘wild’ she wants her new wine brand to be.

Battling the demons of a previous miscarriage, Christina soon has a project of her own in mind when it comes to Tate, and less than a day into her outback research trip, her ovaries are ticking. She wants a baby and a brand. And in Tate, she’s found the one man who can give her both.


His Brand of Beautiful by debut Australian author Lily Malone is your classic Contemporary Romantic Comedy. It is fun, with loads of colloquial Australian-isms, that for some, might require translation.

Tate and Christina are two people running from love, having been burnt before. From the non-verbal dismissal from her abandoning mother, and her ex-boyfriend's condescending behaviour, causing her feelings of inadequacy, Christina believes she isn't enough. Marriage is not on her radar, but for some time, the desire to become a mother was certainly a time-bomb waiting to explode. Christina is lucky to have Lacy, the best friend and sister-in-law, determined to help her open her guarded heart to the possibility for love.

Tate has not forgiven himself for his younger sister's death, which he'd assumed had resulted from his inaction and inattention. He has hidden himself emotionally in his work and lives in his sterile shell of a house alone. Tate, thankfully, is a patient, determined man, accepting that Christina could allow him in eventually. But, he has some challenges to overcome before that can be possible.

From the outset, their interactions are snarky, heated and volatile. Their attraction--instantaneous and sizzling.

His Brand of Beautiful has a little bit of drama, witty humor and entertaining interaction between characters. Lily Malone's descriptive prose is enchanting, the storyline is good, but I wanted more. More character insight, more time spent watching the relationships develop, more story. It was easy to understand the steamy sexual chemistry; that was hot! However, it was harder to contemplate the seemingly rapid progression to love, and why her eclectic, philanthropic personality meshed with his rugged, yet staid persona. I feel this could have been unpacked a little more.

It is a quick, engaging read providing excellent visuals of Rural Australia, and an HEA between two damaged, isolated hearts.

Learn more about Lily Malone and her upcoming titles on her website and Goodreads.

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