Friday, March 29, 2013

Enchanting Ella: The Piracy Fight

Fighting the good fight.  

It gets tough.  It gets old.  Let me first preface that this post is in no way religious or political.  This is my take on the world.  Take it for what it's worth.  
 I was raised by good parents.  Raised to know right from wrong.  Raised with morals and values.  Every day I continuously experience dark, evil and wrong in this world.  It's always present.  It's always there.  The only way to fight the dark is with light.  I'm reminded of Harry Potter and one of my favorite lines/quotes from that book series.  

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times

if one only remembers to turn on the light.

Why are we finding so many closed groups and clubs all over the internet downloading and pirating ebooks?  Facebook has become rampant with so many of these new groups giving out these books all while everyone seems to want to pretend they don't know this is wrong?  This is illegal.  This should have consequences.  What part of - here's a free song, dvd or ebook for you to have doesn't seem suspicious?  Or is it that we just now live in a world where everyone thinks they are owed something for nothing?  

Where does this all end?  Does it ever end?

It's a sad circumstance.  Not sure if it will ever go away or if there will ever be a day where there is no piracy.  We have to band together though and try our hardest to fight the good fight the best we can.  Light can vanquish the darkness.  We just have to believe.  And isn't that at the heart of the reader.... the ability to believe?  

Here's another great blog post regarding piracy in the ebook world.  Maybe this might trigger something for someone or help in some way possible.  Best of luck to all my author friends.  Here's hoping spreading the word does some bit of good.  


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  1. Great post Ella! If there's one thing Ravishing Romances has done well is pay for copyrighted material or gain permission for free use. From our banner and profile pictures to the hot men in kilts photographed by Jenn LeBlanc.

    Piracy isn't just on books, and if I understand it correctly, may even be claimed when we post novel covers. Even in those we obtain permission. See the scrolling Ruthie books on the right? Sent by her publisher.

    Ravishing Romances 2012 Christmas card? The stock photo was bought and paid for.


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