Friday, March 22, 2013

Enchanting Ella: More Confessions of a Book Addict

I always dislike admitting I have a problem.  But, I have a problem.  I am now a book addict.  I've confessed before in a post about my one-click addiction.  It now also extends to having several different locations for my books.  Not only do I have a Kindle app on my iPad, but I have an actual Kindle.  I also have a Nook app that I store books in on the iPad, and I can't fail to mention my iBooks app too.  

I actually realized I had an issue when I recently made a decision to buy paperbacks of the books I absolutely love.  I was researching my apps and discovered that I've repeated purchases within the 3 different apps where I have my books.  <insert blood curdling scream here> 

I know right!?!  How?  How can you repeat purchases?  

Obviously I'm so NOT organized.  I need a better organization system to know what I've purchased and where.  In my book club that I'm in, someone mentioned a spreadsheet.  I think a spreadsheet is a wonderful idea.  Provided I update said spreadsheet.  I also had a suggestion to use Goodreads.  That's a part of my routine, however it also demands you update your shit.  I think this has been my challenge.  

So I've decided I need a book assistant.  Any takers?

How do you keep track of your purchases?  

Do you often lose track and duplicate books?  

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  1. Oh Ella, I bet there are a lot of us out there. I have an iPad with a Kindle app, and a Kindle. I think I will be holding my iPad in my cold dead hands and NOT get to the bottom of my TBR. Luckily Amazon keeps track of my purchases and tells me when I have already bought something. Someone in there is watching out for me! My biggest problem when I was buying paperbacks, the cover would be changed and I thought it was new...grrrrr. My name is Pat, I'm a bookaholic. If you figure out how to keep track...please let me know!

  2. I am an addict too! My problem lately is keeping track of what I have on the Kindle app compared to elsewhere. I'd be interested in finding out what your solution is.


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