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Operation: Endeavor, Book #2 of When the Mission Ends (by Christi Snow)

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Book Release Date:  January 2, 2012
Operation: Endgame rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
When the Mission Ends series rating:  4 out of 5 stars

"Operation: Endeavor" is book two of the When the Mission Ends series
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How are the sex scenes?
"He breathed heavy and shallow and passion filled his eyes..."
"Having him within her was heaven..."
"She was trapped by the emotion she saw there 
as much as she was imprisoned by his hard, pulsing body."

How are the story lines?
Solid. A little predictable, but a little intriguing and solid.

Would you read it again?
Back of the Book

Colton Robertson left his career in the Air Force to come home and help his family heal. Unfortunately, his reception was not quite what he'd hoped for and he ended up as a roommate to hippy dippy yoga instructor Penelope Pruitt. 

Penelope has spent her life under the restrictive thumb of her parents and she doesn't want to do the same with the straight-laced, serious Colton. But when it becomes apparent that Penelope's life is in danger, Colton won't settle for anyone else protecting Penelope besides him.

Opposites attract and that's definitely the case with Colton and Penelope. On the surface, they don't have anything in common, but as the sparks fly and the danger ramps up, their passion is inevitable.


Operation: Endeavor by Author Christi Snow, is the second book in her thrilling Romantic Suspense series When the Mission Ends. It picks up soon after the end of Operation: Endgame, which would be beneficial to read prior to Endeavor. There are more hot ex-military men, more steamy sex scenes, and more suspenseful moments to keep you guessing!!

Oh uber Alpha-Male Colton! Seriously – how is one meant to cope when you read this: 

“I promise I could fulfill you better than he ever could.” Okay – I. Was. Hooked.
Meet our Hero Colton Robertson– he was serious, competent, dynamic, sexy and totally in command. (Did I mention he was sexy?? I was only just getting my lust under control from Jake!) Having been thrust into a parenting role at the tender age of ten years, Colton, the elder brother of Cassie and Chris, was a natural leader. He had only just retired from his highly successful career in the Air Force, to come home to help his family heal. In many ways, he was a man always alone and isolated, with the twins having each other, and Jake. His tendency to be overbearing also corresponded with his aloof façade, which was perhaps part of his allure. He was extremely easy to admire, and yes, I will say it again, lust after!

For so long, beautiful, intelligent and feisty Penelope Pruitt, could only equate independence with singleness, having fought for control of her life from her manipulative and unsupportive parents. Her dread of being controlled far outweighed her deeper yearnings for love, nurture and desire. Ultimately, she is a Heroine to love – particularly as she ‘has to take book wherever she goes”. (I think we might be related!) She was perceptive, gutsy and sassy, yet beneath a strong façade, hid a loving, generous heart, a woman desiring the country homestead, complete with the non-negotiable wrap around porch and swing.

Penelope didn’t need or want overbearing. As Colton’s admiration and attraction for her grows, his need to protect was triggered, especially as she became embroiled in a mysterious and lethal situation ostensibly concerning her Bookstore. She’s beautiful inside and out, and Colton is completely beguiled by her, but will he be willing to bend to a new shape without compromising what comes so naturally to him? He’s unrepentantly autocratic, extremely sexy, and sends chills throughout her body when near, but, will Penelope be able to receive love from one so strong and naturally domineering?

Once again, Christi Snow delivered an engrossing, engaging and sizzling romantic suspense. Hot, blistering sexual tension then chemistry, a mystery to be unraveled  perpetrators of evil, cleverly masked behind their facades of reputable citizens, touches of humor and a deeply coded sense of family/friendship, and you have a hit in my mind. There was a good mix of predictable with unexpected twists and turns. The author successfully took the malevolence up a notch with Operation: Endeavor, and I am now eagerly awaiting the next book! Gah!

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  1. Oh Maddie, this review was smoking!!!! My Kindle is going to explode! You ladies at Ravishing Romances always push me in the right direction, so off to Amazon to get the first book. I'm WAY over my January budgett already....LOL
    Thanks for the great review!

  2. So sad no Nook! Great review and a series I would love if I could read it :(

  3. Thank you, Maddie. This is a fabulous review and love how much you love these characters!! smiles....


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