Friday, January 18, 2013

My TBR list - I'll never catch up

Do you ever feel like your "To Be Read" list will ever get smaller?  

I'm having anxiety over mine lately.  Each time I finish another book, I find 5 more to add to my list.  It's like these books breed.  Like a book knows you are about to finish and it decides to make more books to add to your list.  

As of today I believe I have approximately 212 books on my "To Be Read" list.  Oy!

Even if I read a book every 2-3 days I will never finish this year.  It's almost defeating.  It almost makes me crazy.  But then I remember that I'm not alone.  I know people that have longer lists than me!  

How long is your list?

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  1. Oh Ella....I so empathize! I have at least 100+ on my Kindle, and boxes of paperbacks I've won, collected or bought. I have about five books I want to read RIGHT now, and one I listen to in the car. It 's got to be some kind of syndrome! But at least we know we're not alone!

  2. You wouldn't finish this YEAR? You win; I do not have that many books on my list. I think once I hit about 10 I block all other recommendations out.

    I do have a few to read now and I seem to take the longest reading paperbacks.

    That said - I have like 12 books for you to review!! Not really. :)

  3. Me - I have 200+ sitting on shelves on my Nook. Probably about 15 actual books sitting on my nightstand. And then there are the books I want to read that I haven't bought yet Kathy Reichs newest, the Pamela Clare's I haven't read, KGI Series I have left from Maya Banks and a bunch more but I don't want to list them.
    So I have stopped putting books on my ToBeRead list in GoodReads and I sort of read with the wind.

  4. I sympathize! I've got 642 on my TBR list, 492 of which I already own! (Gotta love tracking things in Goodreads, eh?) Lots of these are Kindle freebies, paperback galleys, and used books I've picked up for a buck, but still! And if it's a series, I've only bought/put the first one on the list, but if I like the first then I'll purchase the rest and read in one fell swoop. (There's a reason I haven't touched Naked In Death!) If I read a book a week that I already own, that's 9.5 years till I'm done. It really is depressing.

    And this is why reviews are so important now. It's terribly harsh but unless I have a recommendation from someone whose opinion I trust to be in line with my taste (and pet peeves!) then I only blind buy (including freebies) if it has an average of 4.5 stars from a minimum of 25ish reviewers at either Goodreads or Amazon. It's just not worth my time to read anything less than amazing, and while reviews don't guarantee it, and I know I'm missing on other good ones, it sure does up the odds!

    So thank you ladies, for reading till your hearts are full and sharing with us!


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