Friday, January 4, 2013

Enchanting Ella: Stick a Fork in it, it's Overdone

I'm having one of those weeks.  Every book I read is repeating the same erotic love scene move over and over again.  I'm starting to run the books altogether in my mind.  A nipple nibble here, a grabbing member there.  It's all starting to sound the same. 

I suppose the only way to alleviate this issue is to throw in a different genre now and then to mix it up.  Staying within the erotic themed books has made me realize it's hard to keep it fresh and new.  These new writers need to up their game and use new language.  Use fresh new characters and names.  Fresh new storylines.  That's not easy.  Trust me, I'm struggling with it myself.  

So I've thrown in a few other genres to mix it up.  I've downloaded some mystery and thrillers along with some new adult.  Maybe a fresh perspective of other things out there will end my writer's block.  

Am I alone?  Are you seeing repeat scenes in all of your reading?  

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  1. Hi Ella, I feel exactly the same! I have picked up a number of books over the past couple weeks that seem like " the same old thing". So I decided to do the same as you...I downloaded a historical fiction set in WWII. Hope you find something original also!

  2. Feel the same way on a lot of the books that I have been reading lately. I have been going with new authors, re-reading books that I have forgotten how good they were the first time I read them. I am also waiting for book sequels to be release so I have been rereading the first book as well.. until some of these books change I guess I will be doing that for a while.

  3. I am with you, Ella. I love historical genre, first and foremost but after passing half a dozen of stories, I get confused with all the lords and ladies of the manors so I switch to the contemporary novels.

    As for the new authors, a lot of them are writing in the 1st person mode. It is a nice change at the beginning but I am missing the old format, lately.

    And I re-read once in a while. I get to refresh forgotten scenes and discover missed details. It also puts me back on track when sequel a is coming out.


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