Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blog Tour - Angel Steel / Sweet Temptations

Today we are featuring an excerpt from an upcoming book called Sweet Temptations by Angel Steel.  The book should be released 1/31/13.  We also have a rafflecopter attached so you can get a few chances at winning a copy of the book.  Happy Reading!  

Skylar had no idea why she said no to him. God, he was gorgeous. The front of him looked even better than the back, his black hair was short, with just a hint of a curl in it, his green eyes had her mesmerised and she couldn’t look away. Nate’s chest was hard as rock and felt too good, she thought. A small amount of hair lightly covered his chest and a trail ran from his navel down below his low riding jeans.
 She wondered what it would be like to run her hands all over him and slip them into his jeans. That thought made her blush. She grabbed another glass of cold water to cool her down and forced herself to stop thinking of things to do to him. She must be stupid, thinking that a guy like him would let her do things like that to him. He would be the type that went for those bimbo-looking girls, the body to die for but no brains. A girl could only dream of what she really wanted in a guy and he, of course, was two hundred percent alpha male to the core. She reluctantly went back to what she was doing, unpacking as much as she could before her girlfriend came over to help.
Friday afternoon came and Skylar finally finished unpacking the kitchen, bathroom, lounge, and lastly her bedroom, which was a pain. Her four-poster bed wouldn’t go up right and she was close to calling Nate to help, but then thought better of it as it would likely sound corny and might be seen as her trying to get him into her bedroom. She laughed at the thought and instead decided to call her girlfriend to help, but before she even got a chance to dial her number the phone rang in her hand.  
Hello,” she said.  
Hey, Skylar. I’m heading your way. Be at your place in five, okay, girl?” her girlfriend, Chantal, said.  
With a smile she replied, “Okay girl, I’ll see you soon. Wine is chilling in the fridge for you, plus I need your help with my bed, okay?” I’ll see you real soon.” And she hung up. Within fifteen minutes, Chantal arrived. “Hey girl, what’s been happening?” “I’m fine, it’s been rough the last couple of days with the move and all,” she replied. “So what’s the plan tonight? After we do the bed, we both need to go out. I don’t want to stay here and drink myself silly. I want to actually go out this time and see humans,” Skylar said with a laugh. “I was thinking we should go down to Joey’s for drinks and maybe a couple games of pool. We haven’t done that in a while.” 

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