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The Virgin Huntress (by Victoria Vane)

The Virgin Huntress rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Release Date: June 29, 2012
The Devil DeVere series rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

The Virgin Huntress is novella #2 in this novella series and is best enjoyed when read in order, but can be read as a stand alone novel.
Novella #1, A Wild Night's Bride, will be sold for .99 cents from June 22 - June 29

How are the sex scenes?
Sweet, surprising and sexy. This is a novella so there aren't many, but they are well written and have comedic flare.

How are the story lines?
You'd think a novella would give you one single-minded plot, but that is not so with this series. The Virgin Huntress follows the hero and heroine on a *truly* one-of-a-kind adventure while introducing the story for the next novella.

Would you read it again?
Yes, I think so.


Lady Vesta Chambers flees her father's estate, and his new bride Phoebe, with her godmother Diana and escapes to London for her coming-out season.

Viscount Ludovic "The Devil" DeVere, and his brother Captain Hewett DeVere are both bound by friendship and duty to keep watch over Lady Vesta during her stay.

It's love at first sight when Lady Vesta spies Captain Hewett, yet even though he's in need of an heir his eyes are drawn to the much older Diana. Lady Vesta refuses to relinquish her "claim", devising schemes and plots to win his heart.


The Virgin Huntress by Victoria Vane is a historical romance novel set in 1783 London.
Sir Edward Chambers and Phoebe Scott (A Wild Night's Bride's hero and heroine) just returned home to Yorkshire and Sir Edward's daughter, Lady Vesta, throws a hissy fit all the way to London because she is no longer the sole receiver of her father's affections.

Lady Vesta is the most irritating, spoiled, closed-minded, sheltered and selfish brat most readers will ever encounter. I loathe her...and thank Vane with every hateful thought. Lady Vesta acts like any other 18-year-old girl would act when her father brings home his 22-year-old wife. Vesta is charming (when she wishes it) and she makes an utter fool of herself over a man that's far beyond her reach.
Bravo, Vane, bravo. Practically every female in the world has done this and can either 1) relate to Vesta because they remember exactly how this feels, or 2) snub their noses at her because they have buried those embarrassments so deep they don't even remember the years 15-25.

The story is a detailed one with great secondary characters, two of whom will be the feature couple of The Devil You Know (#3) and The Devil's Match (#4). Again, this is a novella and many fall victim to a predicable plot with "I love yous" being tossed out by page 30 and babies coming by the next morning. Not I, said Victoria Vane. I did not read this book's blurb (on purpose) and when the story started I was uncertain whom the hero would be. Not because it wasn't clear, but because Vane wrote it that way.  I enjoyed that.

When Vesta goes ape shit throwing herself at Captain Hewett, he, of course, behaves the perfect gentleman. Vane is genius. True to the time period, any man who acts less - even in the face of bipolarism - is considered an unhonorable rake.

I want to praise so many things Vain did with this book, but I refuse to give even an inkling of a spoiler. Yet I will say this: When Lady Vesta falls in love every character in this book tells her it is way too soon. Even when demonstrating her "love", Vane writes it more as jealously and competitiveness than affection.

 *Hell yes.* That is a reaction I can believe in. Praise the writing gods for having these adults call Vesta on her bullshit.

The only time The Virgin Huntress reads like a novella is when it ends about 50,000 words too soon. But hats off to Vane again, because there's an epilogue. 

The Virgin Huntress is witty, entertaining and such an original piece of work that everyone should give it a go. If for no other reason than to meet the ever endearing, psychotic Vesta.

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Published by: Breathless Press
Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this review. eARC courtesy of Victoria Vane.

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