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Season for Love (by Marie Force)

Season for Love rating:  5 out of 5 stars
Release Date:  June 5, 2012
The McCarthys of Gansett Island series rating:  5 out of 5 stars

Season for Love is book 6 in this series.  Though books 1 - 4 can be read as stand alone novels, Season for Love really should be read in order since it follows so many different characters.

How are the sex scenes?
Numerous, creative, varied and uncensored.
Everybody's doing it.  This book has more sex than any other in Force's Gansett Island series. 
That's a lot.

How are the story lines?
All 9 of them are great. 
I counted 8 romance stories and a few non-romance ones.

Would you read it again?
More than the two times I have already?  Yes.


Season for Love by Marie Sullivan Force is a contemporary romance novel based in fictional Gansett Island, Rhode Island.  It's book 6 in Force's McCarthys of Gansett Island series and is featured as a Sallie's Series Recommendations here.  In Season for Love Owen Lawry, a traveling musician who lives in his van, and Laura McCarthy, a pregnant, soon-to-be divorced newlywed, finally explore the crackle, sizzle and pop that has sparked between them since book 4, Falling for Love

Season opens with Owen watching the Gansett Island ferry leave for the mainland - without him on it.  He's decided to pass on his autumn gig and stay on Gansett to help Laura with the renovation of the Sand & Surf Hotel.  Despite his no-strings lifestyle, he's determined to give them a try and Laura decides to give him the chance.  There are a few struggles and revelations, but in the end they have to choose whether "they" are worth fighting for.

Season also checks in with Gansett's previous couples and introduces new characters:
  1. Blaine and Tiffany are hot as ever and set up beautifully for their book Longing for Love, the next in this series;
  2. Mac and Maddie are enjoying new baby Hailey and waiting for the infamous "6 weeks" to end;
  3. Janey and Joe are living happily ever after and have to deal with a surprise of their own;
  4. Luke and Sydney are inching slowly towards Sydney's recovery and the next steps in their relationship;
  5. Grant and Stephanie continue to argue about the screenplay and have relationship troubles;
  6. Evan and Grace are going strong while Evan suffers through his career set back;
  7. Seamus is running the Gansett Island ferry business and charming the lasses; and
  8. We catch up with Dan Torrington, meet Jenny Wilks and more.


Having read the entire Gansett Island series, I am thrilled to see Owen and Laura resolve their purgatory relationship status.  Season doesn't add an entire book's length to their story, but it does explain Owen's nomadic lifestyle and address Laura and her low-life, scumbag, idiotic, moron of a husband's marriage.  (For those who haven't read the previous books do so now and experience full shock value when learning why Laura and he-who-should-be-an-eunuch need a divorce.)  Though their book is shared with other couples, I feel like we get a complete glimpse of their relationship's turning point.  The Epilogue was especially satisfying.

As always, Force's writing is wonderfully entertaining.  Her Season plots have you making a mad dash to your computer to post, "Did you read that??" on her Facebook page.   I appreciate how the characters always stay in character.  The Mac you knew from the first book is the same Mac you know now with slight variations due to his life experiences.  Force hasn't taken the easy way out and written cheesy dialogue just to move the story along.  (Well, there's Seamus, but his lines are so in character.)  I very much appreciate the way Force introduced Laura and Owen a few books before they were featured.  When telling this many stories in one novel it's vital the readers still feel connected to the characters.  This happens in Season because we met the hero and heroine so far in advance.

This book is h-o-t.  If people aren't having sex they're talking about it, thinking about it or running like hell to avoid it.  Season is definitely not for those who think romance should happen behind closed doors. 

Season  for Love is great novel and allows readers to follow all their favorite characters. 

Marie Sullivan Force hits a home run with Season for Love and her entire Gansett Island series. 

Comment About It

Do you like a series that only mentions characters from previous novels or a series that continues their story?  Or does it matter as long as the stories are good?

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Longing for Love (Coming Soon!  Marie expects to release it late Summer/early Fall of 2012.  When she has more information I will post it on Ravishing Romances).

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this review.  Book purchased by Musing Sallie.

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