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About Last Night (by Ruthie Knox)

About Last Night rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Release Date: June 11, 2012

Dear Reader, 
I still am unhappy with this review.  It's been rewritten twice and has yet to achieve the greatness About Last Night deserves.  If anything, let this serve as a referral itself.  About Last Night is a truly exceptional novel and I have yet to find the appropriate words to do it justice.
- Sallie

How are the sex scenes?
Steamy and delicious with a heavy dose of realism. 
(i.e., they have conversation or compare each other to previous lovers, etc.)
Some scenes are descriptive, others are behind closed doors.

How are the story lines?
The story revolves around the hero and heroine, giving them detailed back stories and future goals and a path that may or may not lead them there as a couple.

Would you read it again?
Yes.  Probably once I'm finished with this review.


Mary Catherine "Cath" Talarico has been operating as "Good Catherine" for the past two years.  Good Catherine works a steady job, avoids bad situations - and men - and has reminders of her mistakes tattooed on her skin. 

Neville "Nev" Chamberlain is a successful banker in the Chamberlain family business.  To Catherine, he fits the stereotype:  fancy job, custom suits and politically correct women who look as if they stepped from a Lacoste catalogue. 

Nev has other ideas.

Catherine was surprised when she awoke in the bed of the mysterious stranger she's been noticing for months and even more surprised when Neville pursues a relationship.  Catherine wants the furthest thing from it, refusing to take a chance on life, love and a future with him. 


Ruthie Knox is a rockstar and I am her groupie.

About Last Night is a contemporary romance novel set in London, England. 

Neville is a real-life, believable love interest.  He's handsome with a great job and a smothering, controlling family.  He is clever, mild-mannered and confident enough to allow Catherine her space.  He patiently waits weeks on end for Catherine to divulge the smallest details about herself, knowing she's never told him the entire truth.  This patience and his pursuit of Catherine is unmatched, showing exactly how much he wants their relationship to grow. 

Catherine is a realistic, fault-filled, modern heroine.  She is tough, resilient and extremely cautious with something to prove.  Catherine has screwed up.  Many, many times.  As a result she suffers with commitment issues and flees at the first sign of affection.  Despite life-changing setbacks, she desperately tries to be "Good Catherine", running from past mistakes - and Neville.  She's terribly misguided in her decisions, alienating herself from any lasting relationship.  Throughout the novel, Catherine grows and watching her overcome personal tragedies is inspirational. 

Knox wrote both Neville and Catherine as quick-witted characters, thus creating hilarious dialogue between them and almost everyone else in the novel. 
"So, what, you want me to start calling you Neville?"
"Please don't."
"But you like it when I call you Mary Catherine."
"I don't"
She did.  She loved it.  "Every time I call you Mary Catherine, your mouth turns up at the corners just the tiniest bit, and you get this dreamy look in your eyes.  Come to think of it, it's the same look you get when I-"
"Knock it off, or I'll make you run up the hill three times." 

About Last Night is a refreshing read, departing from the classic storyline where the heroine falls madly for the hero and breathlessly waits to be loved.  Knox's heroine refuses to call the hero by his name.  Safe to assume she will not be following him around like a love-blinded, virginal maiden.

About Last Night is a witty, sex-with-a-stranger-turned-lover story driven by entertaining and realistic characters.

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  1. Well done! I loved this book and found it a breath of fresh air!

    1. Aw, thanks. Have you read her first novel "Ride With Me"? It's excellent as well.


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