Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blog Tour: I Love Indie Books Hosting - Distractions by JL Brooks

“We are all pawns in some one else’s game.” 

No one knows this better than Violet Phillips. When her beloved mentor goes missing, she suspects murder, which sends her spiraling out of control and away from the stable life she has built for herself. Soon, her past will begin seeping out with a vengeance. 

“I will teach you how this game is played.”

Self-destruction threatens to consume Violet when a handsome neighbor that has been watching her from afar intervenes on her behalf. Shepard Leone may be six years younger, but it does not stop him from seducing her ears as well as her heart. 

“Fascinating how much life can change in twenty-four hours.”

When Violet is forced to go down a dark road into a past where she must confront the demons that nearly destroyed her, will she be unable to deviate? Struggling with the loss of her missing friend, Shepard will find a way in and reawaken desires that she thought were forever lost. But Violet never forgets that if you are not careful, distractions will be your undoing.

Here is an excerpt from the book:  

Take me to my room, Connor.” I smiled as I tried to lose myself in his emerald green eyes. I kept seeing double and it took all of my strength to keep my poker face on. His lips curled into a smile, succumbing to lust.
“Good boy,” I whispered.
I could feel the eagerness radiate from every bone in his body. Little did he know that I was almost certain I would pass out within the hour. I had to hold steady to his elbow as we left to walk back to the parking lot. I waited for more insults, but they never came. Stopping next to the passenger side door of his Jeep, I watched his eyes take on a myriad of emotion from desire to guilt to adoration and then decimation. He moved his face in closer to me, stopping centimeters from my lips.
“You’d better hold onto something, sweetheart. We’re about to go for a ride.”
I smiled and said the only thing that came to mind. “Giddy up.”

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  1. What a debut for J.L. Brooks.
    Mixture of suspense, intrigue and love connections. Violet, burned by love before puts up a wall around her heart. I like that she is educated and has a job in medical sciences. Shepard loyal and supportive of Violet and sexy as hell. Connor her ex, the one who broke her heart, bad boy who could make a rock scream YES, don't stop. Like I said suspense, just when you think you know what's going on, BINGO, think again!

    1. I wish I could've finished this before the blog tour. I'm in it right now and will be finishing it soon. So far, I'm liking it!! Thanks for stopping by Lorraine!! <3

  2. Thank you for showcasing "Distractions" on your blog. The synopsis and Excerpt are great. I think I'm missing where the rating is. Would Love to know your thoughts. Beautiful page, btw. Thank you very much :)

    1. I'm reading it now. I didn't get to finish it before the blog tour. As soon as I finish it though, I'll definitely be featuring it. I am liking it so far!


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