Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blog Tour: Confessions of a Book Heaux

Today we have my review of Taken by Storm

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Rating:  5 Stormy Stars out of 5
Series Rating:  So far, it's a 5 out of 5 - there are more books coming

How are the sex scenes? 
HOT and steamy / stormy 

How are the story lines? 
Amazing flow and the story keeps you intrigued

Would you Read it again? 
Yes, I own it in ebook and paperback

Amazing read....

I feel like I say that a lot lately. And I probably do. But damn if these Indie Authors aren't captivating me with their wonderful writing skills. Kelli Maine did just that starting with Taken and No Takebacks. Enter MJ Rocha at the tail end of No Takebacks and consider me intrigued.... Taken By Storm begins with the introduction to MJ. From the moment he's described I already have a mental picture of who I see in this role. 6% in I'm already falling for him when he describes his history with Maddie. "The feel of her hair twisted in his fingers." "Her soft sighs against his neck." "The salty-sweet taste of her skin." ^^^^ um, yes please!I love seeing these two in the present but also getting a glimpse of their past here and there so that we can understand the relationship between them. They have just the right amount of angst to make you root for MJ but also have just the right amount of connection to make you swoon. Finally we learn more about MJ and how Enzo has manipulated Merrick. We also get to see a tender moment shared between MJ and Maddie in the same treehouse that Rachael and Merrick connected. So many great twists and turns in this book that you'll be on the edge of your seat. I had several late work nights wanting and needing to finish it but not being able to because of real life..... but I made it! I'd plan for a weekend of peace and quiet when you start it because you're not going to want to put it down. I can't wait for the next books!! Bring em on Kelli! <3 Me some Rocha Men!!! 

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  1. You,are totally breaking,my book budget. You keep,posting these amazing reviews! I will definitely be back for a t-shirt!

    1. HA! I really liked the mystery of this series so far. Lots of romance but plenty of intrigue too. <3 Thanks for stopping by Pat!!


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