Monday, May 28, 2012

The Look of Love - The Sullivans Book 1 (by Bella Andre)

The Look of Love rating:  3 out of 5 stars
Release Date:  2011
The Sullivans series rating:  N/A (haven't read them all)

The Look of Love is the first book of Bella Andre's The Sullivan series.

How are the sex scenes?
My iPad says this book is 279 pages.  I'd say at least half that is filled with scorching hot, clever, bocce ball inspired, stranger sex.

How are the story lines?
Story line.  You only get one for your money with this book, but it's a decent one.
Would you read it again?
Yes, especially if I finish the series.  I might also print out specific pages and tape them to my bedroom mirror for reference...

Chase Sullivan is one of six ridiculously good looking, overachieving brothers who go through women like a flu victim does Kleenex.  As a world traveled photographer currently shooting a high profile fashion spread, Chase is ready to spend some quality time on the job site that just so happens to be his brother's multi-acre winery.  We all know at least one of these families.  Real life's version of the Will Smith dynasty.

Chloe Peterson is on the run and suffering from obvious trust issues while delivering serious blows to Chase's heroic deeds by questioning his every attempt to help and remaining a tight lipped, obliviously seductive mystery.

The entire story takes place at the winery and over the course of one week, excluding the Epilogue.  Chase and Chloe grow to "know" each other and ultimately decide whether their new found feelings are strong enough to develop a permanent bond of trust and love.  The supporting characters are few, but very adequate and add just enough to the novel's singular purpose - to drive Chase and Chloe's relationship forward.  Trust is a the recurring theme.  So much so that the word is written 50 times during the story and I'd guess mainly in reference to Chase's feelings, thoughts and words towards Chloe. 

The writing is some of Bella Andre's finest.  There are some repetitive words that appear within sentences of each other (i.e., take her to a motel, leave her in some dank motel, I told you to take me to a motel), but as a whole the story flowed.  The plot line is not multi-dimensional, but Marcus Sullivan's appearances are entertaining and I'm curious to read the second book and hear his story.  If the Epilogue was any indication, Marcus will be a wonderfully tortured and wounded soul in need of healing.

As whirlwind romances go, this one is pretty fantastic and we would all be lucky to find a Chase (or Chloe, for the male readers) of our own.

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