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"Ravishing Romances is now owned by Ella!"

Enchanting Ella
Blogger and Reviewer

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Loves sunshine, puppies and Disney.

Enjoys getting emotionally involved in the story
is always fighting for the underdog 
and she's always hoping for the Happily Ever After

Thinks grammar is important even in modern day texting 

Loves to sing in the car, 
but thinks she sounds much better in the shower

Loves when authors connect with their audience


  1. Wow Ella, I think you and I are related somehow!!! I love all your " favorite" things too. I especially enjoyed your blog post today. I love reviewing and reading, but refuse to give a review for a book less than three stars. Just because I didn't enjoy a book, for whatever reason, it is not appropriate to denigrate an authors hard work! I just don't review it! But, that's just me. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Pat! It's hard sometimes. Authors put so much of themselves in the books and just because I may not like the subject matter or choice of character etc, doesn't mean that it won't catch someone else's attention! I hope I always continue to entertain you and keep you coming back for more!

  3. I am trying to catch up here, gals. Your 'bios' are cracking me up especially the singing part. You are one awesome group!

    I am familiar with Sallie and Maddie so one day soon let us meet, Ella?

    This is a fun, fun blog site. :)


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