Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Blog Tour - Fighting for Irish by Gina L Maxwell

Rating 5 out of 5 Steaming Hot Stars

I would read this over and over again 

The writing is always amazing from this author 


To say I love Gina L Maxwell's writing would be an understatement.

I've been hooked since Seducing Cinderella. Funny how life works, I'm a huge Disney fan so the title "Seducing Cinderella" totally sucked me in but when I read the actual book - that's all it took for me to hunt down this author and start to stalk her.

Considering we've met two fantastic MMA heroes in her last two books, I had no doubt that Aiden "Irish" O'Brien would be something special.

What I didn't expect is the dark undertones of this book. The fact that two broken people could put aside their issues and truly get to know each other without judgement, expectation and fear was amazing to watch unfold. This book is outstanding despite the ugly nature of some issues from each of their pasts. There is some angst but not enough to roll your eyes at or get frustrated enough to put the book down at any point. This is a great read that you can start and want to finish in one sitting. Once again Gina delivers what I consider a "3-D" written novel that has you falling in love with not just the hero but the female lead character as well.

Great Job as always Gina! <3

Book Excerpt: 

Aiden tried to recall how to manipulate his features into something resembling a nonthreatening expression.It no longer came easy to him as it once had. But covering your body in brightly colored tattoos and sporting several piercings tended to make people think twice about talking to you without the counteracting friendly smile.
So Aiden would have to fake it if he wanted to find who he was looking for. She wasn’t going to just fall into his lap without a little effort on his part.
Thankfully the bartender rescued him and made the first move. The guy held out his hand and introduced himself as Johnny Anders. Aiden grasped his hand firmly and pumped it a few times. “Irish.” When Johnny raised his brows in question, he added, “Just Irish.”

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  1. I feel so bad I haven't had a chance to read this yet. I seriously need to get some time to start reading this! Damn you Real Life

  2. Agreed! Gina's writing and her leading male character Reid Andrews in Seducing Cinderella is what got me thinking twice about what is possible with romantic fiction these days. No overwrought, contrived or carbon copied storylines with Gina's books. I loved books one and two in this series, and found book three to be that much deeper with both the introspection and the dire circumstances of her characters. If this is how the series is progressing, then sign me up for how ever many Gina wants to write.


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