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Rating:  4.5 Stars out of 5

How is the story line?  
Amazingly different than the rest of the series 

How are the Love Scenes? 
Hot and steamy with a little sensuality

Would you read it again? 
Yes, most definitely

It's no secret that I love Noel.  

I've never been one to stop loving my Noel Falcon and professing all my love for Noel Falcon all over this Universe.  But I have to say that Michelle's characters get better with each book.  Noel is still amazing and if you haven't read the first book of this series, then what the f*ck are you waiting for? 

Riff was fantastic.  He was hot and alpha and all sexy and forbidden.  But Trip.  Trip is a great mix of naughty and romantic all wrapped into one.  He's got the smart ass remarks down.  He's got the romantic gestures in check.  He's got the mysterious vibe going on.  He's got the whole package.  

I loved Holly in this book.  She shows lots of strength and independence.  She has a good head on her shoulders and makes you like her from day one.  She's not the weak simple minded little tart that we repeatedly see in these books over and over until we wanna pull our hair out.  

The amazing thing that I loved about this book is that it wasn't just about a member of Black Falcon and all the concerts that we see and how the band is on tour.  Michelle takes us on a new journey with the band showing us that Trip has a human side and has other interests besides just being the number one drummer of a number one band.  

Run, don't walk to pick up this installment of the Black Falcon Series!  

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Teaser from the book: 

“I’m Trip Douglas. It looks like you and I will be getting cozy while you show me the ins and outs of this place.”I stare down at his hand. Ugh. This is so not happening to me. Our family business is going down the freaking toilet and I have to depend on the guy who thinks with his dick to pull us out of the hole? Maybe the investor can send someone else? Anyone else! No way is some rich, old dude relying solely on Trip’s judgments of the place to make a huge financial commitment? This guy can’t be trusted with something so important. This guy can’t stick with the same woman for five minutes, let alone see such a huge business deal through.Trip wiggles his fingers at me. “Come on. They won’t bite.”Dad needs this partnership to work for the sake of the track. He told me last week how important it was for this business to get it. If it doesn’t go through, we’re in big trouble.Reluctantly, I take his hand. It’s warm and rough against my own skin and it’s hard not to think about the way he felt pressed against me last night as he gives it a couple of quick shakes. “Holly Pearson.”

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